Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pink Paws?

What are Pink Paws?

First off, I've been to a couple New Kids on the Block concerts this past year. A few times, I saw a group of girls from Northern California that would bring with them posters in the shape of hot pink hearts. (Shoutout to Blockheads if you come across this!) In their hearts, they would have each guy's name or a phrase in that heart. Here are a few examples. These are actually from my camera...

Pink Heart 1
Pink Heart 2
Pink Heart 3

I was thinking wolf girls could do something similar to this for Twilight Conventions, exclusively for the Wolfpack of course! But instead of hearts, they could be wolf paws! Pink paws! Out of respect to Blockhearts, I don't want to copy their hearts.

How Would This Work?

For example, in one paw you have their real names on one side and character names on the other. You can make as many pink paws as you want and you can decorate the paws however you want. You are also welcome to make your personalized paw!

It shouldn't be too big so as not to obstruct anyone's view at conventions. We wouldn't want Creation Entertainment to take that privilege away. And they shouldn't be waved around too much to annoy anyone. We want to surprise the Wolfpack not annoy! We'll talk about dimensions as we progress.

Where Should We Begin?

I'm thinking maybe this should start at the Miami Twilight Convention (Jan 8-10) to give people time to gather materials and stuff. And then go around the country! The next one is actually Chicago (Oct. 2-4) but I don't want to rush people.

Where Do We Buy Posters?

Materials can be bought at any Michael's, party supply, dollar store near you. I was in Target the other day and next to the poster paper were sticker letters that were appropriate for posters. So you don't have to buy any sharpies and mess up. They came in various sizes and colors! So you can have a pink poster and for the letters you can have it in purple, black, green, etc. Be creative and have fun!

Of course the hard part is actually making the pink poster into a wolf print. Good luck!

It would be cool to see a sea of pink at every convention. If not a sea, then at least a row. And hey, you can have them autograph your paws and/or pose with them for pictures for the photo-ops.

Show the wolfpack some Pack Love! Let's start this Pink Paws Movement!

XOXO Pink Paws

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