Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pink Paws Sample

Alright everyone! Here is my first attempt to a Pink Paw. I was asked to give a sample of how it should look like. This could very well kick start in Chicago with Tinsel, Bronson, Tyson and Kiowa present. Now I am not an artist. Just someone with a really great idea.

The poster is flourescent pink. The lighting is just weird. The letters are actually called "Quick Letter Pads". They come with a glue stick. Please use real glue too. If you don't want to use the letter pads, you can use sharpies or even those glitter pens. They can be purchased at Target, Michael's and maybe even Wal Mart. The letters come in plain black and holographic sheets. For the paws itself I used a black sharpie. I know with more practice, the paws will look better. I have until March. You guys can make the upside down "heart" thicker and the round "fingers" bigger too.

The ruler next to the poster is just to show how big it is. It's a 12 inch ruler. Speaking of fingers, should there be 3 and not 4? I was thinking about it when I was picturing Emily's face. Unless Sam's 4th finger didn't reach Emily's face.

Shoutout to Team Taycob for featuring this Movement. Visit their site for the latest Taylor news :)

Good night! It's almost 2 AM!

XOXO Pink Paws <3 style="font-style: italic;">P.S. Please pray for the victims of Hurricane Ondoy in the Philippines. This is worse than Katrina and another storm is expected. I am actually Filipina-American and still have family there. I am sure they are safe though.

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