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Interview with a Vampire....and a Werewolf

By Brittany Hackett

SLmag sat down with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse's Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater, the only female werewolf) and Charlie Bewley (Demetri, member of the Volturi).

Not a Twi-hard but a determined intern, I decided to do some research. Ya know, appear knowledgeable, searched the Web for info on their home town, birthdays, hobbies and anything else I could find. I also listened to previous interviews with the actors to get a feel for their personalities.

I was totally prepared, but it finally hit me at the Grand America Hotel (where I met the actors) on Saturday, “This is my first real interview. Me, the intern. It has to be good.” Waiting in the lobby, I wondered what it would be like to meet an actor from such a high profile film. I met the Osmonds, once. I even got an autographed picture of Melissa Joan Hart and glimpsed various Disney Channel actors, filming Going to the Mat at Northridge High School. But I never really sat an had a one-on-one with any of them. I had 20 minutes with the actors and nearly two pages of questions to guide me.

Bewley, Jones and I exchanged introductions. Then Bewley commented on my hair and noted it was the same color as Victoria's. He wondered if I dyed it to look like her, but I told him I just liked the color. Apparently, fans are always trying to look like the characters, and he just wanted to check.

He is a chill guy and Jones is really nice. I decided to begin the interview with her.

SLM: "Let's start with Julia. How do you think your fans will respond to your depiction of Leah Clearwater?"

JJ: “I don't know”, she sighs and gives a nervous laugh. “I really, really don't know. I realized when I watched the film for the first time, a couple weeks ago, that that's gonna happen, that there's gonna be some kinda reaction, that there's gonna be feedback. There's such a big deal made about being cast and about filming and then there's all these phases you go through, and then, actually the most important thing, in some way the only thing that matters is how your character is received."

She told me how nauseous she was after first seeing it. She put off thinking about how the audience would react. “Now I've recently been like oh my God it's gonna come out, that day is coming. I really hope it jives with the fans and other's ideas of the character. Everything I tried to do was from this book, and it was my interpretation”

SLM: "Is it hard to depict a character from a well-read book?"

JJ: “Process wise, it's just different. It's really about doing an interpretation of source material versus creating and imagining. It is harder in a lot of ways, because there is kind of a right and a wrong. Or there's a more right. The material is there, and you're trying to get as close to, as true to, this character that's so believable and so dimensional as you possibly can, and you're not gonna get there 100 percent.”

CB: “The difficult thing is that the books are like 15,000 times bigger than the script. And you have character developments in the book that just do not exist in the script. So, you can have the character based on what is outlined in the books, and then you're given the script to actually portray that character. You can do your best, but it's like film is so restricting in a many ways. You have marks to hit. It's very hard to play that character so organically with what you have in your head given when you're given the script, which is like four lines and then some tricky camera angles.”

He adjusted in his seat and leaned in closer.

JJ: “One of the most daunting parts about it for me was I had never worked on a set the size of the Twilight sets.” Julia related to Charlie. “The crew is huge, the cast is huge and there are all these added elements like paparazzi and fans, and all of a sudden, whatever experience I had before as an actor on the set went out the window. You have to figure out how to do your job in-spite of all these different variables that are brand new. Coming in, my character was new and every actor I interacted with had been playing their character for at least one other film, and I was trying to keep up. Yeah, I was on my toes quite a bit.”

CB: “But you did a really good job! Really you did.”

JJ: “Thanks Charlie,” she laughs.

CB: “I mean she's smokin' hot in the movie. A great character. She plays her (Leah) with real edge, really moody.”

JJ: “I went for it,” Julia says with unsure laughter. “The thing that lets you a little off the hook when you think about the daunting part of it is that you know that the people that are behind this—Summit, the studio, Stephenie Meyer, the directors. It's such a well oiled machine. They're so smart, they know what they're doing and you trust them. So, really it's just the belief that they believed in you or they picked you to do it. That calmed me much more than anything in my power… Just, you know, I have faith in it.”

SLM: "Are there any scenes you're particularly proud of or that you want the audience to watch for?"

CB: “Well from a Volturi point of view, this is a very cameo role for us. I don't want to beef it up any bigger than it is. We just have this fleeting presence. We're just there to check on how things are going.

CB to JJ. “Did you fight in the fight scene?”

JJ: “It's CGI.”

CB: Getting back to the interview, “Volturi are very cool wherever they go. We have these outfits, and we try to fly a little, but the stunt didn't come off so we only used a little slip of it. I'm just looking forward to Breaking Dawn, really. This is a great movie, but from my characters point of view, Breaking Dawn is where my character in particular, could have a very prominent role in it—very, very prominent role.

If they ask me, I'll be all ears and just sit down and tell them 'this is what my character would do this is how he'd do it. This is how he would fly, because he will fly, and this is how he's gonna track and this is the way he looks when he does it opposed to them going, 'Hey Charlie, uh Stephenie thinks this, this and this.' I'll listen to it, but I know this guy so intently now. I know him better than Stephenie knows him.”

JJ: "Yeah, but that's the thing that's different about playing a character that's in a book, too. Normally, when you approach a character it's yours; you own it, and nobody know it as well as you do. It's your creation, and in this case, I remember it hitting me early on I'm playing a character that belongs to the fans and the audience as much or more as she belongs to me.”

CB: shakes his head.

JJ: “You don't think so?”

CB: “No, you take it off them. That's the thing. You take it off them. That's the interesting thing. With Rob, there was that identity thing. He looks so much like his character that there was no separation. They didn't see them as two separate people, they saw them as one person and gradually, gradually, gradually you become Demetri, you become Leah, you become that person and whatever you do is gospel, really.”

JJ: “Cause the reality is that I definitely know her better than any individual fan. I mean, I don't think anyone on the planet has spent more time studying Leah Clearwater…”

CB: Interupts, “Than it's yours.” He smiles.

JJ: laughs and continues, “…than me maybe besides Stephenie Meyer. But my voice is so small compared to the millions of people who are constantly voicing their opinions, their feelings and their passion for the characters.”

SLM: Do you think you'll be influenced by what fans think?

JJ: “Maybe. I don't know how to incorporate that into my process as an actor...so, I doubt that.” She thinks for a moment. “Maybe, subconsciously.”

CB: “Yeah, you're your harshest critic really. Whatever you do on that screen is not going to be as magnified by them as much it is by yourself. So, if there is any criticism to come out of anything, it'd be coming out of your own head directed right at yourself. And further more, if you weren't accurately playing the character I don't think you'd make the cut. I just don't think it works.”

JJ to CB: “But they can't cut you out. That's the thing, like for better or for worse, it's not like you're like 'oh, they didn't cut me out, so I did an okay job.' It's like under no circumstances can they cut anything.”

CB: “I just know the director would not have let it slip through, and plus Stephenie Meyer sits there…”

JJ: interrupts, “You're right, I completely agree with that.”

CB: continues, “… sits there in Studio City every day. I can imagine her just coming out one day and going, 'Look pal, you're going in the wrong direction on this one; I just gotta tell you that.' But we were cast, and she had a hand in casting us all and she's, I'm pretty sure right now, just relinquished all control to the story that she set out and the characters that she assembled within that are now us. We are the characters. They are not these things in her head, and that's the same with the fans, like I was talking about, they had an idea of what they were, but unfortunately, you can't have everything you want.”

SLM: "So what do you think about the whole imprinting thing? It heavily defines Leah."

(For those who don't know, imprinting is where the werewolves in Twilight find their soul mate. That person is their one and only and they don't get have a choice. Sometimes it can get creepy, like when a werewolf imprints on a young child. They basically wait around until the kid is old enough to marry. Weird stuff huh?)

JJ: “Totally. It's funny. I think it's like the best thing and the worst thing. I mean, for what it is if you're on the right side of imprinting— it's what could be better. There is absolutely no question that the person that you're with is the person you're supposed to be with...period. At the same time, if you're on the wrong side of imprinting, like Leah is, it is literally unfathomable and you combine that with the wolf packs' ability to mind read. I mean the love of her life imprinted on her cousin, and she has to hear his thoughts of pity towards her and his thoughts of love towards her cousin and the rest of the wolf packs' thoughts of just anger and madness at her, because she's so mad and they have to listen to her thoughts. It's just so bad.” She pauses then excitedly says, “I would like to imprint. I would like to be the imprinter.”

CB: “Don't you imprint?”

JJ: “I don't get to imprint. It's so depressing; it's like the most heartbreaking part about poor Leah. She's like one of the only wolves that doesn't imprint as far as the books go, and she's like totally on her own.”

CB: “Who would you imprint? I read some fan fiction right that you imprinted Demetri, like seriously, I don't know how it works. Just check it out! Leah imprinted Demetri. Yes!” He claps his hands together in triumph, “And there's a youtube about it. It's Demetri and Leah dead serious.”

SLM: "Did you make this up? I'm sure you wrote it."

CB: “I'm serious. Dead serious.” He pulls out his iPOD.

JJ: “I've just been doing press with the wolves. I'm very gullible, and they are jokesters and pranksters, and every day every for five minutes there is some story or some crazy thing that I completely believe and low and behold it's,” she laughs, “totally not true. So maybe Charlies' not…”

We both look at Charlie, he turns the iPOD to show us.

CB: “Leah and Demetri bring me to life I told you look.”

We all laugh and he apologized for taking the interview off track. I didn't mind, I thought it was pretty funny. I like random.

SLM: "Please describe some similarities and differences between you and your character."

CB: “Very fine, actually. I'm very much like my character. He allows me to be everything I want to be really. If I was kind of in that capacity, if I was head guard of something huge, that's how I'd...I'd be the nice guy. I would be the smiling guy, I wouldn't be like the tough guy and especially if I knew I had power behind me, I'd be very arrogant about it as well like Demetri is.”

JJ: “ I think always, or most of the time, with acting there's an element of it where it's you in the circumstances or the character. I mean, it's all kind of coming from you and what you're made of, and it's sort of like alchemy in a way. The biggest difference and one of the hardest things for me to latch on to with Leah was the anger 'cause I don't really express anger the same, so outwardly, so clearly. And I wasn't comfortable with it, and I had to really push myself to find anger and to express anger, and that was something that I feel like David Slade [the director] really helped me do."

CB: “How did David make you angry? “

JJ: “He'd didn't make me angry.”

CB: “Call you names?”

JJ: “No, he doesn't do that.”

CB: “Tell you you're fired? Ah, just joking. You're fired! Ah, I'm joking.”

JJ: “That's not David.”

CB: “No it's not David. David's the guy that tells you the most disgusting joke you've ever heard in your life after two minutes of meeting you, that's David.”

JJ: “David's awesome. I'm really sad I didn't see him either; I didn't see so many people at the premier because it was just so massive.

CB: “I'm so glad that my instincts on David were true in that he's really taken a strip of Hollywood off this franchise. I just feel that New Moon was quite theatrical kind of like very sort of showy. If you see some of the performances, like Rob's performance, is strangely self deprecating. Kristen's is quieter and less desperate. But at the same time she, has this depth to her, and Taylor's Taylor.” He chuckles.

JJ: “Taylor's so great in this.”

CB: “And the whole thing has this very sort of tight aspect to it. It's not like that's a CGI wolf like it was in the last one. It was flawless. I thought the whole film was flawlessly put together given the fact that you have to follow this book at the same time. He really did make it entertaining for me, who wouldn't generally watch a film of that genre.”

SLM: "Well I'm excited to see it."

CB: “It's going to be amazing.”

I asked Charlie, avid snowboarder/skier/extremes sports extraordinaire, to visit us Utahans on the slopes. He said definitely, so be on the lookout for a tall, good looking Brit this winter.

I took a picture with them, and we said our goodbyes. I walked out of the interview impressed with how nice, fun and personable they both were. And Charlie, he was such a character, which really made the interview.

I want to watch it now to cheer them on and see if the film is truly flawless. I'm not big on CGI or even Twilight as a series thus far, so we shall see. Join me and check out The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opening June 30th .

Thank you Julia and Charlie for being down-to-earth and giving me a great interview!

SOURCE: Salt Lake (the Magazine for Utah) via LovingCharlieB Article Link

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Eclipse Premiere

Click HERE to watch Tent City video of Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Julia Jones, and Jackson Rathbone. SOURCE: OTRC (On the Red Carpet) via Julia Jones Fans

Click HERE to watch interviews on the Black Carpet of Taylor Lautner, Boo Boo Stewart, and Julia Jones. SOURCE About.com via Julia Jones Fans

Click HERE to watch interviews of Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Taylor Lautner, Gil Birmingham and other Twilight cast members SOURCE: FOX All Access via Black Pack

Go to Black Pack's livejournal to watch other videos of the cast.

For images of the premiere you can go here.

How the 'Eclipse' Wolf Pack Got Their Animal Instincts

Twilight actors Julia Jones, Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer dish to to iVillage about prepping to play their wild parts.

The first things you might notice about the Twilight wolf pack are their toned bodies and rock-hard abs. But Julia Jones -- who plays the only female wolf-pack member in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- explains that there's much more to being a werewolf.

"This is going to sound really weird, but I watched a lot of footageof wolves," the 29-year-old actress tells iVillage about getting into character for her role. Her biggest inspiration was watching the documentary 'A Man Among Wolves' about Shaun Ellis, a British animal researcher who became a part of a real-life wolf pack.

"He had to eat the heart of the animals they killed because that's how the pack knew he was dominant...Anyway,that's what I did (to prepare)."

"Wow, I was just doing pushups!" jokes Alex Meraz, 25, who plays pack member Paul.

Watch our exclusive video interview to hear how Jones, Meraz and fellow wolf Chaske Spencer(Sam Uley) felt about working with other actors with Native American ancestry and why their fans made it difficult to "travel in a pack" offset.

Would you rather be part of the Quileute wolf pack or the Cullen vampire clan? Chime in below!

SOURCE: iVillage, watch the video here

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On The Red Carpet: Taylor


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Tyson on being in the wolfpack

Being a member of the 'Twilight' wolf pack has its perks. Edmonton's Tyson Houseman has gone from browsing retail jobs on Craigslist to leading a jet-set lifestyle in little over a year, thanks to a last-minute decision to show up to an open casting call for 'Twilight: New Moon' in Vancouver. He decided to audition just for the heck of it, and wound up landing the role of Quil Ateara, a member of Jacob's wolf pack.

Houseman is reprising his role as the wise-cracking Quil in this month's 'Twilight: Eclipse'. We caught up with him to chat about everything from Twihards to what makes him and the other wolf pack members puke.

How did you get into acting?

I really kind of stumbled into it. Before 'New Moon', the only thing I had really done was just high school plays and stuff like that, and really just small parts. A year out of high school I decided to move to Vancouver. After living in Vancouver for about four months, I found the audition for 'New Moon' on Craigslist. There was an open casting call, so I went down and gave it a shot. I didn't expect to get anything out of it. I was really casual, and I think that's what gave me a bit of an edge. I got a call back, and a week later they called me in and said that I had the part.

So why did you decide to respond to the casting call? Are you a fan of 'Twilight'?

Not really. I didn't really know that much about the whole 'Twilight phenomenon'. I hadn't read the books or seen the movie. I knew of it, but I didn't know that it had such a huge fan following. I think the first glimpse of that I had was when I went down to the open casting call. I got there an hour early, and there was already a line up like six blocks long. It was pretty crazy.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Twilight's Wolf Pack: 'We're More Interesting Than the Vampires'

By Jeanne Wolf

The werewolf pack may hate the vampires, but they band together to battle an army of newborn bloodsuckers in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. And that gave Chaske Spencer,Alex Meraz and newcomer Julia Jones a chance to spring into action.

They told Parade.com's Jeanne Wolf why they supported their fierce leader, played by Taylor Lautner, while wishing he'd just forget about his passion for Bella.

Advice to guys suffering for love.

Julia Jones: "I guess if I had a friend like Jacob who was risking his life for a girl who was hooked on someone else, I'd probably advise him to back off. I think you can be in love with more than one person at a time, but I think only one of them can matter. You should love in the way that love can come to mean something. I think you can only have that kind of meaning with one person and that's where Bella is going. She's Edward's girl."

Holding her own as a lady werewolf.

Julia: "I was a tomboy growing up, so the action stuff felt really familiar. I have a younger brother who's about the same age as Chaske and Alex, so there was something that resonated about keeping up with them. I really loved the way my Leah wolf character looked. I was like, 'Oh my gosh. She's so cute, even though she's fierce.' She's like smaller and little bit more fragile, but she could do some damage."

Werewolves are more fun.

Chaske Spencer: "We're a little more interesting than the vampires. They have to have that serious demeanor and we can be a little looser on the set. There were moments when we definitely brought out the goofy side of Kristen Stewart every now and then."

For instance...

Alex Meraz: "In New Moon we had to run around in shorts, but because it was freezing we'd bundle up in these robes between takes. We were always joking around and pretending like we really had nothing on underneath. So I'd jump in front of Kristen and fling open my robe like I was flashing her and she was like, 'Oh God, no.'"

Why is that werewolf smiling?

Alex: "In the big battle in Eclipse, we were running in the rain in what seemed like afoot of water. My background is dancing and I feel like I'm really good on my feet. I told the rest of the cast, 'All right, you guys. It's slippery out there. Don't put any weight on your heels. Goon the balls of your feet and you'll get more traction.' So everyone else did great, but, of course, I slipped and fell. I had mud all over me. That was the take they used. If you look at me,I have a smirk on my face because they used the moment after I slipped and I was trying not to laugh."

Trying to deal with overnight fame.

Julia: "I was terrified. Sometimes, I still am. What surprised me is how grounded Taylor and Kristen are. They were the first two people I met and they were so nice and down to earth. We'd show up to work really caring and wanting to do the best we could. I feel like that bonded us and it also took away the fear."

Chaske: "No one really gives you a book on how to be a celebrity when you suddenly have fans everywhere. But there are ways to keep your life private.There are ways to conduct yourself and do good work. In the end, we're just actors. But we're very lucky actors. We tease each other a lot to keep us humble. If the ego gets too big, we cut each other down."

SOURCE: Parade Article Link Here

Julia Jones: I was teased for Modeling

by Team Bloginity

Julia Jones felt “alienated” throughout her teen years because everyone made fun of the fact she was a model.

The star posed for magazines throughout her teen years, stopping when she reached college because her job made her too separate from her peers. She says her fellow students constantly made fun of her magazine covers and billboards and teased her for coming to class with her make-up still on after a shoot.

“From that point, that’s sort of where I got alienated from my peers. When you start modeling, you do all those teen magazines, which is what everybody was reading at the time,” she explained to WWD.com. “So that, combined with the fact that I’d come to class with, like, sparkles in my hair from shoots. I mean, I just looked ridiculous.”

The 29-year-old former model appears in Eclipse, the latest installment in the Twilight film franchise.

She admits it was difficult to make the change from modeling to acting, saying she spent 25 hours a week with acting coach Susan Batson to ensure she didn’t looking completely unconvincing.

“I found [Batson] through models because she takes pretty people and teaches [them] how to act,” Jones says. “But she was really hardcore.”

SOURCE: Blognity.com Article Link Here

Tyson on Urban Rush

ClevverTV talks to Tyson


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Taylor Lautner's Prep For 'Abduction' Includes: Training For Fights, Motorcycles And Bodies Of Water

By Sandrine Milet

We’re all familiar with the amount of training that went into sculpting Taylor Lautner’s heavenly body for the “Twilight Saga,” but you may not know that Taylor is hitting the gym once again in preparation for his upcoming role in “Abduction.”

But this time around, he doesn’t need to gain more muscle — instead he’s using his workouts to help him in other aspects of the movie, which will be full of action and stunts. "I did boxing training for a couple months," he told MTV News during the "Eclipse" junket. "Now I'm into the fight training, motorcycle, I think when I get to Pittsburgh, do a little swimming training. It's all around. It's going to be a lot of fun."

So does this mean that we’ll be seeing more of Taylor’s tight abs? Well Lily Collins, his co-star, recently told MTV News that she certainly seems to think so, while teasing, “everyone would totally hate [seeing his abs], right?” We’ll have to wait and see!

But joking aside, Taylor is quick to clarify that the most central part of “Abduction” is the great story. “I love action, but most important is the story,” he explained adding, “and the story behind this action thriller is amazing.”

So what’s the highly anticipated plot? “Abduction” tells the story of a young man, who sets out to find his birth-parents after stumbling upon his baby picture on a missing-person’s website. But he soon finds himself caught in a world of action, spies, and stunts.

Not only does the film have a great story, but Taylor is so happy to be working with great talent. “We got [director] John Singleton behind us. ... I'm so thankful we're getting a cast like that”.

Source: Hollywood Crush
To watch the interview, click here


Source: the Examiner

For Taylor Lautner, putting on 30 pounds of muscle for Twilight: Eclipse wasn't purely cosmetic; it was a necessity for the job!

Lautner, 18, says his arms were burning after one particularly grueling day when he had to carry around Kristen Stewart in his arms for hours shooting retakes.

"There's a scene where I'm carrying [Kristen], and it's also, like, four pages of dialogue," Lautner told MTV. "So I'm carrying her, and we're walking through the woods, and I'm talking to her, and it's a pretty intense talk."


He added: "We actually had plans, a rig that was basically going to carry her, and I was just going to pretend that I was carrying her. We got there on the day, and the rig didn't look very natural. They were like, 'What are we going to do?' and I'm like, 'I'll just carry her. She's like, what, 110 pounds? It's no big deal!' "

Unfortunately, Taylor wound up shooting and re-shooting that scene all day long so that by the end of the day, he was exhausted.

To read the rest of the article, click here

More photos from Jimmy Kimmel Taping

Via LunaNuevaAMeyer

Click Here to view the Pictures

Julia Jones: Handling "Eclipse" Craziness Like a Pro

While the hoopla surrounding the hit movie franchise "Twilight" could be overwhelming for a newcomer, actress Julia Jones is taking it all in stride.

The 29-year-old model turned actress is a fresh face in the upcoming "Eclipse" film, but she claims that her focus was on doing a good job rather than the insane fan frenzy surrounding the project.

“I was just focused on working on the character,” Jones tells WWD. “I kind of got lost in that. The size of the franchise is just hitting me now.”

Playing the character of Leah Clearwater, Miss Jones is a werewolf in the film who has it in for Bella Swan after she breaks Jacob Black's heart.

As for her audition for the much-sought-after role of Miss Clearwater, Julia reminisced, “I left realizing that I had paraphrased my entire audition. I was so focused on figuring out who the character was that the memorization was secondary. The words completely left me. I wanted to die.”

SOURCE: Celebrity Gossip & BlackPack

Julia Jones Interview-Eclipse and Jonah Hex

With Rebecca Murray

Julia Jones has roles in two big June 2010 releases: 'Jonah Hex' and 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.' And at the premiere of 'Jonah Hex,' Jones talked about life on the set of both very different films.

Transcript: Julia Jones Interview-Eclipse and Jonah Hex Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Jonah Hex.

Julia Jones - 'Cassie' in Jonah Hex I've seen Eclipse now, it must have been a lot of fun filming that.

Julia Jones: "It was so fun. It was literally one of the most fun experiences of my life because we just have so many people, and they're people your age and in your age range, hanging around and working really hard, and feeling so passionate about their characters - and having a lot of downtime. So it's like this awesome combination of working hard and playing hard."

You got really choked up at the junket when you were talking about being accepted as a Native American actress. Why are you still so emotional about that and what really gets to you?

Julia Jones: "I mean even when I think about it just now, it's such an honor. I don't know if you've ever been in a position to change people's lives or to feel like you are impacting childrens' lives,especially. I've talked to kids and I've met kids who you can literally watch their world expand because somebody that looks like them... There are very many of us, you know? I don't feel a burden; it's doesn't feel like weight to me. It feel just overwhelming sometimes."

It's a vampire movie and it's going to open up doors for more Native American actors, don't you think?

Julia Jones: "Yeah, absolutely."

So isn't it strange that it's a teenage vampire movie that's getting this out there, is making this more mainstream?

Julia Jones: "Yeah. I mean if you actually break it down there are reasons. But yeah, it does seem strange."

And Jonah Hex, you get to play Josh Brolin's wife - lucky lady.

Julia Jones: "I know."

What was that set like?

Julia Jones: "That was very, very different from Twilight.It was kind of condensed, very specific, quiet, focused set. And I don't know, it was almost like a conservatory. Everybody was just so doing their own thing and coming... I think there was a lot of trust on that set. Like everybody trusted everybody else to know what they're doing and to sort of be at the top of their game. Which, of course,they were. So it just kind of rolled along. A lot was expected so you just sort of showed up."

Different than playing a werewolf.

Julia Jones: "Yes, and all the chaos of 45 characters in the middle of nowhere, running around and doing whatever they're doing."

Watch the interview here

SOURCE: About.com

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Eclipse's Julia Jones is Team Jacob!

The great Team Edward/Team Jacob debate continues, and Eclipse’s newest star, Julia Jones, is quick to divulge that she’s Team Jacob all the way!

Watch the video here. Or go to the article source.
Photo provided by Twilight Mania

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ClevverTV talks to Chaske, Julia, and Alex

2 new Trailers!


You can sort of see Paul-wolf attack Emmett!


FearNet's Exclusive: Meet Julia Jones, 'Eclipse's' Lone Lady Werewolf

Among the new characters introduced in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is Leah Clearwater, the Wolf Pack's one and only female shape shifter. Understandably, Leah's more than a little bitter about her new lycan status; you'd hate life, too, if your werewolf boyfriend dumped you because he "imprinted" on your BFF and you were forced to join his pack (and hear his thoughts) for all of eternity.

That hostility leads to an amusing scene in Eclipse between Leah and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), the human heroine of the Twilight Saga who thus far has never been taken to task for stringing along poor werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Leah, as played by 29-year-old actress Julia Jones (Hell Ride, Jonah Hex), is as deliciously resentful as we'd imagined her, tormented by her experience on the losing end of her own love triangle with Sam and Emily and desperate to prove herself as a new member of the pack.

In person, Julia Jones couldn't be farther from Leah Clearwater, although she understands the reasons for Leah's hostility towards the world. I caught up with her last weekend to discuss her Eclipse character, her rapport with her co-stars, and her role in this week's comic book-based supernatural Western, Jonah Hex (unfortunately, I just learned that her scenes from the latter film have been cut). She had high praise for Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner, with whom she'll get to play more in the upcoming Breaking Dawn films -- and almost as much passion for the hours of real life wolf footage she watched to prepare for her Eclipse role. Although she agreed that being a werewolf would have its definite drawbacks -- namely, finding yourself naked in the woods after reverting back to human form -- she looks forward to helping Leah reach her full bad ass potential in future Twilight sequels.

Hit the jump for my conversation with Eclipse actress Julia Jones!

Describe the audition that landed you the role of Leah Clearwater.

I have had a relationship with the casting director, Rene Haynes, for a couple of years; she cast me in at least one other thing. I went in and I read for her and for David Slade, spent about 20 minutes working on the character and figuring it out, and I came back about a week later and read for Renee and David and some of the producers again. And then I waited a whole month and heard that I got it, and then I waited another month until I could tell anyone! So it was normal in the beginning, and then pretty bizarre.

What scenes did you read during the casting process?

It was a scene pretty much straight out of the book, Breaking Dawn. The scene where I come and tell Jacob that I want to join his pack.

That's one thing we're looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn -- seeing you and Jacob break off from the Wolf Pack to form your own separate pack. Did you get to know Taylor very well while shooting Eclipse?

Yeah -- we obviously worked together and we hung out a couple of times outside of filming, and I'd seen him around L.A. I adore Taylor. One thing I think people don't fully appreciate about him is how smart he is; I think there's been so much attention paid to his abs and how gorgeous he is and everything, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He's a really smart kid, and incredibly talented, committed, devoted…

The werewolves in Twilight are supposed to be so closely, supernaturally linked, that they can hear each others' thoughts. What did all of the members of the Wolf Pack do on set to build rapport during production?

We spent a lot of time together. The boys all work out; they all go to the gym at least once a day. And I probably had most of my meals with at least one of them while I was there. We went bowling, we went to movies… just normal kinds of fun stuff. We took walks. We walked a lot, because it was so pretty in Vancouver.

Read the rest of the interview, here!

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Access Hollywood Talks to Alex, Chaske, and Julia


The Sexy Wolves of Eclipse

Whether you are team Edward or Team Jacob, you have to admit that there is something mystical and wonderful about the werewolves in the Twilight Saga. Hot-blooded, mind-reading and powerful, they are just as intriguing in their own right as Edward and his Cullen brood.

We're in Beverly Hills meeting with the very first female member of the wolf pack Julia Jones who plays the feisty Leah Clearwater, hot Alex Meraz who plays Paul and pack Alpha male Sam, Chaske Spencer and they have a lot to say about on set teasing and bloopers, Kristen and Taylor setting great examples for them, their much loved Indian creation legends and how they feel a great responsibility as role models to Native American teens and kids.

Julia looks way rocker hot in a sleek, form-fitting black leather slacks and a tailored for girls motorcycle jacket by Leoffler Randall and the guys look friendly/casual in cute shirts and jeans. First we're hitting up Julia on being the new guy (uh, only girl) in the pack.....

Julia Jones as Leah  Clearwater in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." | Summit  Entertainment
Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."
Summit Entertainment
TeenHollywood: Julia how was joining the wolf pack as the only female member?

Julia: It happened really fast. All of a sudden you're thrown into this group of boys and, for me, personally, I was a tomboy growing up so it felt really familiar. I have a younger brother the same age as some of them. So, there was something that resonated initially but over the course of filming and the press that we've been doing, it's like home. It just feels like family now and it's great.

TeenHollywood: Were you a fan of the original Twilight film or the books?

Julia: I have a lot of friends who are big fans. I had never read them before but I had a very good friend of mine telling me about this role, Leah Clearwater and said they're going to make a movie out of these (books) and it's you! 'This is going to be your role'. It just went in one ear and other the other. 'She's sweet. She wants the best for me'.

Then when I got the call for the audition, I've never had this happen but I was watching the Celtics/Lakers game and got this call.' You have an audition for Leah Clearwater in Twilight'. I had this visceral reaction. My heart started beating really fast. It was strange.

TeenHollywood: Ah, maybe your friend was psychic. Are you a believer in the supernatural?

Julia: Yeah, I am. Yes for sure.

TeenHollywood: What was the hardest scene for each of you?

Julia: The hardest scene for me to film was also the most fun for me. There's a scene in the midst of the big battle. It was raining and it was cold and there were so many characters in it and it was so chaotic on set and it had to happen really fast. I think it was originally scheduled to be finished in two days and it took twice that time. It was demanding physically because it was freezing and you are wearing very little and demanding emotionally. That was the challenge. After a certain point you just enjoyed yourself because it doesn't get better than that. You're with a bunch of great people in a gorgeous place doing what you love.

Alex: I think the hardest scene is the one she's talking about. We're running and it's raining and there's about a foot of water. So I figured, my background is in dancing and I'm really good on my feet but I told the rest of the cast 'all right, guys, it's slippery out there. Don't put the weight on your heel. Go on the balls of your feet. You get more traction'. Of course, everyone else does it great but me and I slip and fall around. I've got mud all over and the shot they used, where Jacob gets his back crushed, in the background I have a smirk on because they used that shot the moment after I slipped.

Julia: (laughing) I get there to our marks and say 'Where's Alex?' Then he gets there and he's covered with mud and (director) David says 'That's it. That's perfect!'

Chaske: We were running out and I heard you slip and say 'Ugh' and fall. I heard you drop the F-bomb.

Alex: Yeah.

TeenHollywood: Has the Twilight franchise created more work for Native American actors outside the Twilight films?

Chaske: Yes it has. What I like about it, it's brought us to pop culture in a way that's never been done before in film. We've been around for a while. I've been around for ten years acting and it's brought us to a place where we're not always playing with 'leather and feather'. That's how we paid our dues. It's up to the media as well to accept us as being other than mystical figures and putting on the leather and feather and speaking in a res (reservation) accent. I've done that so many times. The kids are more accepting of us than anyone else. That's what's so cool.

Alex  Meraz as Paul in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." | Summit  Entertainment
Alex Meraz as Paul in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."
Summit Entertainment

Julia: That's also what excites me is we are being put in front of teens and children and people who are in the process of defining their ideas of what Native Americans are and I think that's probably the most valuable aspect of the way Native Americans are portrayed in this film. I still feel that a lot of adults are trying to figure it out.

I'm not an actress yet. I'm a Native American actress and it's not quite normalized to most people who grew up watching things like Dances with Wolves and Geronimo all these things.

Alex: And it's in a contemporary setting. It's not a period piece. We don't have bows and arrows. We don't even have clothes (laughter).

Julia: It's a step in the right direction.

Chaske: A little give and take.

TeenHollywood: In addition to the kids that you are hearing from, have you heard from the Quileute tribe depicted in the films?

Alex: The fascinating thing about portraying a tribe that actually does exist, the things Stephenie had taken from the tribe she mixed it in the realm of fantasy. But, now a lot of people are going to Washington state, to La Push where the Quileute tribe does reside and they're learning more. They're forced to ask questions to learn more about the culture and I think that's great that they are getting a spotlight to tell the real creation story and that's important. Fans are so into it that they want to know the root of the wolf pack.

Chaske: All over native country, we're getting great feedback and it's about time. We've gotten massive support from our people on reservations. It's opened up a whole different door to us and it's a little pressure too because now it's almost like we have to be role models now and that's something that kind of scares me as well. That's a big load to take on.

Julia: But it is so gratifying to hear from people who look up to you and see you in these places that they never thought they could dream to be. (She tears up a bit). It's emotional. You feel like you are opening up people's minds who otherwise thought they couldn't dream big. That's such a huge opportunity. It's such a gift.

Chaske: Statistically, we're not supposed to be here. We grew up on reservations. I don't know if any of you visit them but it's a third world country there. There's a lot of poverty, a lot of alcoholism, a lot of drug addiction so we're very fortunate to be here and we know that.

TeenHollywood: How much truth is in the Quileute wolf story portrayed in the movies?

Chaske: It's taken from an actual creation story but it's turned around. The mythology is that the descendants of the Quileute came from wolves but they weren't able to transform back and that's the part that Stephenie took and used it in the book that we can transform back and forth. She did a lot of research. I think there is creation mythology in La Push that the first white man that had ever been on the reservation, his last name was Swan. So she used little things like that and did her homework.

TeenHollywood: Chaske, can you elaborate on the love triangle between you and Leah and Emily?

Chaske: The story of my character (Sam) is....

Alex: He's a two-timer (laughter).

Tinsel Korey as Emily and Chaske Spencer as Sam  in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" | Summit Entertainment
Tinsel Korey as Emily and Chaske Spencer as Sam in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"
Summit Entertainment

Chaske: Hey, what happened is when the vampires come back, Sam becomes a werewolf and doesn't know why it was happening and went through it all by himself. He had no one there to guide him and he was dating Leah but there is this imprinting thing. When you imprint on someone, that is your soul mate and it happened to be Leah's cousin Emily.

As Sam was going through the changes, other members of the tribe were too and he helps guide them through it, pretty much like a coach or sponsor. That's what he does with Jacob. Unfortunately when he was going through these changes, he mauls Emily and that's why she has the scars on her face. So you'll see in the movie that she (Julia as Leah) gives me some dirty looks from time to time but it's a wonderful story.

TeenHollywood: That makes Sam a kind of tragic character.

Chaske: I was attracted to Sam because there is this tragedy there. He didn't want this in the beginning. No one would ever want that, and he had no choice and that separates us from the vampires as well. At that last minute, some of them have a choice.

TeenHollywood: So you think Sam really feels for Jacob and understands him?

Chaske: Oh yeah, he does. He has to and actually Jacob is the rightful Alpha male but he doesn't want it so he gave it to me so I'm the unfortunate one who has to lead the pack. So, that's the story.

Julia: It's also interesting that one of the major aspects of the wolves is that we hear each other's thoughts when we're wolves so it's almost like there is this whole other world going on in subtext in the film. I don't know how you can portray people reading each other's thoughts but there are so many layers operating for all of us. I can hear Sam's thoughts about my best friend and his thoughts of pity toward me and that's just intense.

Chaske: Wouldn't that suck? In real life, that would suck (laughter)

Julia: That would be terrible.

TeenHollywood: Can some of you talk about jumping into the franchise more in the second and third films?

Tinsel Korey as Emily, Chaske  Spencer as Sam, Tyson Houseman as Quil, Bronson Pelletier as Jared,  Kiowa Gordon as Embry and Alex Meraz as Paul in "The Twilight Saga:  Eclipse." | Summit Entertainment
Tinsel Korey as Emily, Chaske Spencer as Sam, Tyson Houseman as Quil, Bronson Pelletier as Jared, Kiowa Gordon as Embry and Alex Meraz as Paul in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."
Summit Entertainment

Alex: It's definitely jumping into a hot pan, you're gonna get cooked but it's definitely exciting. I felt a lot of responsibility being role models for natives. I used to go around to reservations and teach health and wellness conferences and teach art and dance so I knew I was going to be looked at as a role model and that was scary but I just made sure first that I can represent myself in a good way and I try to prepare for it as best I could; make sure I'd read the books, did my homework and, luckily enough, made some really great friends along the way which really helped to make me comfortable with all the fame or whatever.

Julia: I was terrified. I still sometimes am but, in the beginning, it was like you're a certain size in your life then, all of a sudden, you get much smaller. Every aspect about (the Twilight films) is much bigger than you are and you have to just accept that and enjoy it because you're a part of something that means so much to so many people. I think the thing that made it easier, the fastest was that the cast are so committed to our characters and to telling these stories.

I was so surprised instantly at Taylor and Kristen's groundedness. They were the first two people I met and I feel like overall, we're all really grounded. We all show up for work and we really care and want to do the best we can and that bonds us. That took away the fear.

Chaske: It's easy to work with this cast. Some have been working for a while and, for some, it's their big break. What I really like is everyone is humble. Everyone knows that this is a gift we got. It's something that doesn't come around too often. When I joined this franchise I knew it was going to be big but no one gives you a book on how to operate on this level. Before I went in I put up boundaries about what I do and don't want to talk about. There are ways to keep your life private and to do good work. It's a fun ride to be on and I get to share it with these two.

Alex: I got the book 'How to Make It in Hollywood 101' (laughter).

Sam: Written by me (laughter).

The  wolf pack at home in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" | Summit  Entertainment
The wolf pack at home in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"
Summit Entertainment
TeenHollywood: Does the wolf pack have any hazing rituals for new members?

Julia: I would say every five minutes. Alex, this is your department.

Alex: No, no. When you know someone gets cast in these select few roles, you know they've gone through a lot. There's so many people who want to be in this franchise so you're excited for them; for Booboo or when she (Julia) got cast or Xavier (as Riley) you know that it was like 'American Idol'. Thousands of people were going out for it so the first reaction is to take your hat off and say 'congratulations' but then I just tease people a lot. It's the Paul thing.

Chaske: In New Moon it was just us boys and we teased each other a lot to keep us humble as well. If the ego gets too big, we cut each other down.

Julia: I kind of always have this feeling that there is something in my hair (cuz the guys have put it there) (laughter).

TeenHollywood: What Native American legend did you hear as a kid or read about that you would love to see made in to a movie some day?

Chaske: For me personally, I've always had a fascination with Crazy Horse. He's from my tribe too (Lakotah Sioux) and I've read so many books about him. That's something I'd really like to bring to screen. I think I'd like to direct it. It's one of stories people don't know about. He's such a mythical figure and a leader and warrior that his character fascinates me.

Julia: Has there been a movie made on Sacajawea? The character has been in a couple of movies but...

Alex: "Night at the Museum". (laughter)

Julia: That doesn't count! As a female there aren't that many notable Native American figures. Pocahontas and Sacajawea. I know stories of family members of mine but it's not the same for the girls.

Alex: I've never thought about it but I'll start.

TeenHollywood: Julia, you are also in Jonah Hex. Who are you in that?

Julia: That was also an incredible experience. I play Cassie, Josh Brolin's wife and she and our young son are killed early on in the film and that's what motivates Jonah Hex. He gets very bitter and goes around as a bounty hunter. That experience was so great because I was on set with Josh and with John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender who is an incredible actor.

Source:Teen Hollywood via TheMerazEffect

23 Minutes of Taylor goodness!

Taylor Lautner Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

Source: Collider.com

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Access Hollywood Talks to Taylor

I'm surprised Shaun doesn't have a gift for Taylor this time.

Access Hollywood pic of Alex, Julia and Chaske

Haha Alex is so cute (:

Alex, Julia and Chaske at the press conference in Beverly Hills

Julia Jones was lovely, and Alex and Chaske spoke about how they felt a sense of responsibility as role models to their Native American community. Very cool.

"The Wolf Pack" spoke a lot about Native Americans and their plight in comparison to what their lives are like since they've become part of the Twilight franchise. They were all very thankful and still amazed by it all.

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Julia Jones: Twilight's Newest Addition

Julia Jones adjusts her Hernan Lander dress in this sexy new shot for DaMan magazine’s newest issue - with fellow Twilight actor Kellan Lutz on the cover!

Here’s what the 29-year-old actress had to share in the issue photographed by celeb shutterbug Mitchell McCormack:

On her favorite Eclipse scene to film: “[My favorite was] one of the last scenes in the big battle toward the end. Those scenes have a great combination of action and emotional depth. Also, most of the characters are in them. I found shooting in the midst of all that chaos was great fun.”

On why she likes playing Leah Clearwater, a Native American: “One of the best parts about playing a member of the wolfpack, all of whom are Quileute, is that I don’t think of us in ethnic terms. Each character has so many intricate layers of detail that have to do with our back stories and our individual struggles. That is something I relish.”

On the five people she’d invite to her dream dinner party: “Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, novelist Louise Erdrich, actress Katharine Hepburn and Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.”

Source: JustJared.

Kiowa talks Fashion with MTV

More new Eclipse stills


Access Hollywood Interviews

Source: TwilightLexicon

Kiowa at MTV's Movie Awards Pre-show


Alex & Kim at MTV's Movie Awards Pre-Show


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Happy June!

Sorry so late! Hope you guys love the banner. Thanks Taye :) 24 days now!

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BTS Vanity Fair

Julia did a photoshoot with Dakota, Nikki, and Bryce. Check out BTS here.

Can't wait to see all the pictures. Red, Red, Red and more Red! Why does Nikki get a different shade though?

Chaske Spencer in Winter in the Blood

Chaske will be playing the lead role of "Virgil First Raise" in the film adaptation of Winter in the Blood.http://www.winterinthebloodfilm.com/

Tribute Interview with Tyson Houseman

Talking to Eclipse’s Tyson Houseman

Tyson Houseman is living the dream. On his very first audition he landed a movie role that thousands of actors would’ve jumped at the chance of getting. That movie was The Twilight Saga: New Moon—starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner—and the role is that of Quil Ateara, a member of the now-famous Twilight wolf pack.

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Houseman recently spoke with Tribute’s Toni-Marie Ippolito about his character in the follow-up, Eclipse; the dedicated fans and his grueling wolf pack workouts!

So much happens in the book Eclipse. What can we expect from the movie?
Houseman: Well, for me, Eclipse was my favorite book so this movie is so exciting for me. My character gets a lot bigger in this one. He gets to be in all the wolf pack scenes. You get to see me without my shirt on so that’s really cool! There’s going to be a lot of action scenes and it will be a lot more guy-friendly. There’s a whole war that happens in the end so it’s going to be great.

How did you prepare for your role this time around?
Houseman: Well, the preparation for me into a wolf, it kind of helped to have the workouts with the other wolf pack members. It helped us bond as friends and it really helped me to get into the whole wolf pack mentality. It was really cool to have that going into filming, having that friendship and that certain comfort zone with each other.

Did you go through any gruesome wolf pack training to beef up?
Houseman: It was really tough stuff! It was never the same. Every morning we were dreading the workouts because we never knew what to expect. Then we would find some contraption, like a rowing machine that we would have to do and it would be so grueling and so hard. A lot of it had competitive stuff to it like push up competitions or sit-up competitions.

Who was the most competitive?
Houseman: We all got big adrenalin bursts at certain points and we all had different edges of competitiveness. Sometimes one of us would be way too tired to do something and would lose first.

Did you ever think the Twilight series would get this big?
Houseman: No, it was all very new to me. This was the first film I’ve ever worked on and the first film audition I’ve ever been to. So I definitely jumped into the deep end of the pool and really didn’t know too much about this. The casting call didn’t even mention what film it was for! It just said it was for a major motion picture. But the fans somehow found out about it so there ended up being a huge line up that was about four or five blocks long. It was a lot to take in at first.

Do you have any crazy fans?
Houseman: I haven’t had too many crazy encounters! You would expect it to be just only teenage girls approaching you but I’ve had little girls who are too scared to walk up to me because they think I’m really a werewolf. There was this other time when I was at a bar and this really old lady who was like 70- or 80-years-old came up to me because she recognized me from the movie and she was a really big fan!

How did you feel about the casting process being specific about you guys having native heritage?
Houseman: I thought that was really cool. It helped as actor to get into the character because I had so much to relate to. Quil is a native and so am I, so I could relate to similar experiences in my life and it was really cool having that.

What was it like working with David Slade?
Houseman: I really liked him. He is very meticulous about the little details and if something wasn’t quite right he had to tweak until it was. You could tell there was a strong devotion there to the book.

Speaking of the books, did you get to meet Stephenie Meyer?
Houseman: Yeah, she came to the set a lot of the days I was filming and it was really fun having her there, watching.

How much was she involved on set?
Houseman: She kind of sort of sat back and just watched. She trusted what was going on and she trusted the people that were working on it and that it was going to be great. Personally, I think that the movie has translated really, really well from book to film.

What do you think is better: Wolf or Vampire?
Houseman: Oooh… I’m going to have to stick with my pack and say wolf!

Source: BlackPack

Native American Times: Chaske Spencer

Native actor sees success with ‘Twilight’ movies

NEW YORK – As a child, Chaske Spencer had dreams of becoming a photographer. He never imagined he’d find himself in front of the camera as a successful Native actor with a role in one of the most anticipated movies of summer 2010.

Chaske (pronounced Chess-kay) Spencer is a Sioux, Nez Perce, Cherokee and Creek actor who is originally from Tahlequah, Okla.. He’ll reprise his role as Sam Uley, the lead wolf of the Quileute tribe’s wolf pack, in the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” June 30.

Spencer scored the role of Sam after an audition for the second movie in the series, “Twilight Saga: New Moon.” According to the movie news site, Box Office Mojo, “New Moon” shattered the box-office record for biggest opening day gross by making an estimated $72.7 million the first day of its November 2009 release. Since then, Spencer’s been inundated with interviews, photo shoots, auditions and projects.
Right now, he’s getting ready to do a lot of press for “Eclipse,” which Spencer said is way darker than the prior “Twilight” movies.
“Get ready to be blown away,” he said.

The movie is the third of four movies based on the hit Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer, which focus on ill-fated lead character Bella Swan, who’s a teenage Washington high school student who finds herself in a love triangle with a 17-year-old vampire and a 16-year-old werewolf. Meyer’s books are a continuous tale of love, loss and even horror told through the eyes of Bella, who is hunted by evil vampires and rescued and protected by the good vampires and her werewolf best friend.
Spencer’s character, Sam, and the rest of the wolf pack will have to step up in “Eclipse” to fight side by side with the good vampires to protect the humans who live nearby from the bad vampires.

The Quileute characters in the book live on the La Push Indian Reservation in Washington and “New Moon” director Chris Weitz insisted on authenticity when casting the characters for the movie.

“They had to have papers that proved their heritage,” Weitz said in a 2009 interview with USA Today.

Though many fans now see his face and automatically think of him as Quileute alpha wolf Sam Uley, that’s OK with Spencer.

“It’s great,” he said. “Sam is a great character. It is great to do something beyond the leathers and feathers roles that are often available,” he said.

Spencer, who’s appeared in “Skins,” “Dreamcatcher” and the TV miniseries “Into the West,” said it’s been very exciting to him to see such success in the entertainment industry.

“(It’s) a dream come true,” Spencer said. “It was nice to act in a movie as a Native American minus the stereotypes.”

Through the whirlwind of fame, traveling, events and shooting for the next movie, Spencer recalls his most memorable moment up to this point.

“Probably when my manager called to tell me I got the role (of Sam Uley,)” Spencer said. “And I couldn’t tell anyone!”

He now resides in Brooklyn, New York, and his work calendar is filling up faster than he can keep up with.

Spencer is currently finishing a film called “Shouting Secrets” which is scheduled for a 2011 release. He has a lead role along with other Native actors. Shooting will be wrapping soon, then Spencer has other projects lined up including “Winter in the Blood,” and the fourth movie in the “Twilight” saga, “Breaking Dawn.”

“I’m also launching my Native American water rights project on June 14 in L.A. called ‘Shift the Power to the People,’” he said. “It’s all very exciting.”

His production company plans on shooting “The Block” later this year as well.

“The Block” is a feature-length documentary and feature film that Spencer teamed up with his manager Josselyne Herman and veteran producer Ted Kurdyla to feature Spencer’s passion for making a difference with all people in the area of reducing poverty and creating sustainable communities. His production company, Urban Dream, is developing the project.

At the end of the day, Spencer said he’s just a normal guy who loves apple pie and French fries and maintains Facebook and Twitter accounts to let fans keep up with him and vice versa.

“It is my lifeline to the fans for sure,” he said.

Spencer said he appreciates all the “Twilight Saga” fans.

“Thank you to everyone who has been following the “Twilight Saga,” he said. “You guys are the reason it is a success and we appreciate your loyalty.”

But Spencer said he does have things that keep him grounded as a Native actor in the entertainment business – strong family bonds.
“I know where I came from, and I know who I am.”

Source: BlackPack

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