Friday, October 30, 2009

Bronson pics from Armageddon Auckland has posted Celebrity Photo Ops from Armageddon Auckland. I just wanted to share some pics that stood out for me. Gotta love his solo!

Hilarious! I guess Bronson is being the "fangirl"? LOVE IT!

I bet you're wondering why would this stand out!? Because it's who he's with! DANTE BASCO! Can you say "Rufio! Rufio! Ru-Fi-OOOOOOOOOOOOOh" Yes, everyone, he's the Lost Boys leader from Hook! HAHA. He also starred in a certain Filipino independent movie that every Filipino was so eager to watch back in HS.

Last but not least, "Can't forget the paws," right Bronson? This is Jess' paws experience with Bronson. Can I say, I LOVE her paw!? Wish I knew how to do that.

If you'd like to see more pictures from the Photo-Ops, Click here.

XOXO PinkPaws

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alex's People Mag scans and BTS E! Interview

My eyes are literally watering! It's that hot!

Thanks to Black_Pack for the scans!

Pink Paws at NZ's Armageddon Expo

Jess from New Zealand was able to attend Auckland’s Armageddon Expo last weekend where Bronson came as a guest. He came to represent the cast of New Moon all by himself. He represented well! Here is her account with meeting Bronson and basically a whole review of the Expo!

OMG what can I say New Zealand never gets any Twilight Saga cast members here, that was until “MrsCedward” (YAAY thankyou so much) told me a “wolf” was coming to Auckland’s Armageddon Expo this month I HAD TO GO!!!! For about a month and a half I begged my parents to let me go, since Armageddon was in Auckland, and I live in Palmerston North which is pretty much a 7-9 hour drive away, the answer was always “NO” ): So being a stubborn person I persevered and managed to convince my dad to take my friend and I up to Auckland to see Bronson (:

When we got to the ASB Arena it was like 8:45am and the doors didn’t open till 9am so it was PACKED!!!! My friend and I got some “weird” looks from people who were obviously anti-twilight fans, because we were wearing twilight tops, but we couldn’t care . So when the doors opened I pretty much felt so out of place because it was a lot of sci-fi stuff, but then I found all these stalls that were selling heaps of different Twilight/New Moon merch. We went to the Hoytz Cinema stall where they were playing the New Moon trailer, so Sarah and I just stood there watching the whole thing, while the three guys manning the stall pretty much laughed at us. At 11:20am we headed over to where they were having the celebrity photos, at that point Jason Mormor (from Stargate posb?) was having his photos taken. Bronson wasn’t due until 12:10pm but there was already a line forming. We met three girls and a guy that had travelled from Marton (just before Palmy) to Auckland to meet Bronson.

At about 12:05pm I was fully excited to meet Bronson, AND then he arrives, HOTNESS AND ALL!!!!!! Wearing his ray bans, a t-shirts with New Zealand on it (cuuuuuute!), epic as jeans, and mint white shoes, with a pounamu around his neck. He was so ADORABLE! He was like hugging everyone and laughing! So when it was our turn, I got out pink paws out and held them up while Bronson PUT HIS ARMS AROUND US!!! (Yuuuussss) and he goes “can’t forget the paws” while laughing. After the photo he gave us both a hug and we were pretty much shaking with excitement after, so I continued to stand on the side taking photos for half an hour along with 20 other girls, OMG at points he would look at all the cameras on the side too! My friend had to literally drag me away because I couldn’t leave on my own free will haaahah we also had to go because we had to get a good seat for his question and answer panel, which was at 1:10pm plus I also had to text my dad to come and video the whole of the panel. At 1:05pm they started playing the Twilight soundtrack to get the atmosphere going, THEN BRONSON WALKS IN (*sighhhhh), he is then introduced onto stage and literally every single camera went off for about 5 minutes non-stop.

Throughout the panel Bronson was so down to earth and answered every question honestly . We learnt that he got kicked out of high school for unknown reasons (which seemed to amuse him because he went off into a thought), his hidden talent which is so CUTE! He does this thing with his mouth where he gets a invisible piece of string and lifts one side of his mouth up at a time. Two people (one was a guy lol) asked him to show the audience his abs (; but he said “were gonna have to watch the movie to see them”. We also learnt that out of all of the countries he has visited New Zealand is his FAVOURITE!!! And that he is definitely coming back for a holiday here, he also said New Zealand looks like Vancouver (*hint hint Summit, film Breaking Dawn in NZ). Someone then asked him what his worst sexual experience was, haha I think he got a bit flustered there, he said he would tell us but there were “little people/ears” there.

At one point Bronson came into the audience for about 40 minutes to ask questions, everyone kept asking him for hugs. Autographs and photos and he was too happy to oblige so he did it all. One kid gave him chocolate and he was like “you guys like giving me chocolate don’t you” which he then ate later on stage. A few times Bronson was literally right in front of me, that if wanted to I could’ve grabbed his hand/arm and pulled and he would be right next to me (it was AMAZINGGG! I think I took a pic of his arm) I have the whole panel recorded so I’m trying to get that online so look out for it (: Bronson is seriously such a down to earth guy, he’s so chilled and isn’t fazed out by his fame, he also LOVES and respects his fans, which I find so adorable.

At 3pm I went and picked up my photo with Bronson and went to line up to get an autograph, hi line was literally round the corner from where he was. I waited about 45 minutes for an autograph. When we finally got to him he looked so exhausted and tired (poor baby), he asked what team we were on which we replied with “Edward” then Sarah went “ohh and Jasper” Haah I forgot to go “Jared of course!” because I am now. He wrote (right handed btw) on a photo of the wolf pack “To Jess & Sarah From “Jared” his signature and a paw print along with xoxo” Cuuuuuute! We thanked him in which he replied with “no problem” and a dazzling smile!! I almost jumped over the table because of his hot ass accent!! All in all I had the best day EVER, all thanks to Bronson Pelletier! It was seriously worthwhile travelling all that way to meet him. If you EVER get the opportunity to meet Bronson Pelletier TAKE IT UP!!! You will NOT be disappointed, he loves his fans and is happy to give hugs, autographs, photos and even accepts the gifts his fans give him. He has a genuine personality and is so down to earth. It was a privilege to meet him and I hope he enjoyed his time in New Zealand and comes back soon. Thanks Bronson for giving me the best experience a twilight fan could ask for. If Bronson ever reads this on behalf of New Zealand we thank you Bronson for taking your time to come to New Zealand for Armageddon, we hope you had loads of fun and can’t wait to see you back here, Happy 23rd birthday for the 31st of December from all the Twilight fans that were at Armageddon and all the others throughout New Zealand.

-Jess J

I'm glad Bronson had a fun time in New Zealand and he represented the Twilight cast well. He was able to convert Jess into a Wolf Girl w/out much effort. Basically being cheerful! LOL. Can't wait to meet him at TwiTour!

XOXO PinkPaws

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink Paws at UK's Eternal Twilight 2

Kate, one of the moderators of our partner sites, Oh Quileutes, was able to attend Eternal Twilight 2 on Oct. 16-18 and of course showed her WolfPack spirit. Chaske, Gil and Tyson were guests. Following is her account...

My paws were all made the week leading up to ET2. I needed to get another project i was working on for Chaske done first. I got some pink card off my mom, it wasn't very strong though. And i used my glitter gell pens to do the design on each of the paws. I wanted to have something that would stand out for each guy so i did the following:

Chaske - I wrote on it "we're howling forever"
Tyson - "Because everyone needs a best friend"
Gil - "Cos he's down with the kids"

I also put the actors name with their character underneath. I also added the pink paw website and my own website ( to the bottom of them. I went for a slightly different colour scheme for each of them keeping the paw print in green (i didnt have a black) and it was dark enough. Finally i attached safety pins to the back of each one and attached them to my bag so they would always be on show.

I didn't get a chance to show everyone till that Sunday as the Saturday I was still a total bag of nerves!!! The first person I showed was Gil. He looked at it and was like this is cool. I wasn't able to get it signed unfortunately as I didn't have a spare auto ticket for anything else.

The next person was Tyson. He looked at it throughly and said that he had heard of the pink paws and loved it and asked if he could keep it. I of course said he could. I thought it would be a good thing so he has both website addys on it (even though he's a total tecnophobe lol). He was very impressed I could tell though.

Last was Chaske. I showed him again he had a thorough look and really liked it. He saw the little white love hearts i had added last minute and smiled at me, me = nearly a puddle of goo on the floor, lol!! He said that he thought it was awesome.

I wasn't able to get any of the guys to sign theirs, especially with Tyson wanting to keep his. But I think the fact they saw them was probably enough! I have a feeling that Tyson will most likely take his back and show the others too as he was really impressed.

My next event is in 30 days when i meet Bronson in London and I will be making him one, this time i will try and get a picture of him with his. Then again at ET3 and Collectormania 16 next year i will make new ones and hopefully get pictures with the boys and them.

I really hope we get more stories as i know the boys really like them!!

Keep up the movement!! I'll back you all the way!! xD

Wolf girl

Thanks Kate! Kate also won a dinner auction and had dinner with the cast: Chaske, Tyson, Gil, Edi and Rachelle. For pictures, you can see them on Black_Pack!

I'm so glad Tyson kept his! Maybe he'll start a collection? Technophobe or not, he's probably checked this site out. HI TYSON!

XOXO Pink Paws

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Wolfpack Footage!

Thanks to Black_Pack for finding!

Julia Jones talks to LimeLife Part 1

LimeLife caught up with Julia Jones, who plays female lone werewolf, Leah Clearwater, in this two Part interivew.

LimeLife: Julia, you were cast with a pretty dynamic and somewhat complex character. Can you tell us about Leah Clearwater?

Julia Jones: Yeah, totally. First of all she's the only werewolf who's a female, which is in itself a very cool thing, but she has this complicated backstory where she is heartbroken because the head of the pack Sam Uley left her for her best friend and her cousin. So in addition to that she's dealing with all the changes that you have in your body when you become a wolf, and as a girl there's really nobody who knows what's happening to her - she's really alone and out there and heartbroken at the same time. And it makes her very angry and mean, and really she's just in a lot of pain and she doesn't know how to ask for help so she lashes out.

Click on the link above for the rest of the interview. Check back here again for Part 2!

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Bronson interviews from New Zealand

Bronson is one busy man! Coup de Main Magazine caught up with Bronson at Armageddon. Click on the link for pictures. He looks more tanned than usual?

He also met with a young Cancer patient who was excited to meet him. Click here for their interview. Busy yet SWEET man!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chaske's Vanity Fair Interview How did you get the part of Wolf Pack leader, Sam Uley?

Chaske Spencer: It was one of the weirdest auditions I’ve done. We put it on tape, and usually the process is: you meet the casting director, get a callback, then you meet the producer and director. This just went straight from tape. I auditioned for all of the parts of the Wolf Pack; they called me back and told me what part I had. Also, I didn’t really know who [the character] was because I didn’t know much about Twilight. Then I figured it out and said, “Wow, that’s a really good part.” It’s amazing. I’ve never gotten a part like that before.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Bronson Brings A smile To a Cancer Stricken Teen

Between the interviews and SkyJumping, Bronson took the time to visit a Cancer patient, which became a dream come true.

A 13-year-old girl beat down for months by constant chemotherapy was beaming yesterday after meeting the "wildest of the wolves" from her favourite series.

Taylor Harris, who is suffering from leukaemia, met actor Bronson Pelletier from soon-to-be-released Twilight: New Moon at the Rendezvous Hotel in a meeting organised by charities and Hoyts Cinemas.

Taylor was in awe at meeting her favourite character in the vampire romance series, the wildest of a pack of wolves.

"I'm kind of, like, star-struck," she said.

She had been left speechless the previous day when she found out about the meeting, she said.

According to Taylor, her mother Jacqui had also perked up in preparation for the meeting with the wild wolf, finding shirtless photos of Pelletier on Google.

Read the rest of the interview NZ Herald

Tyson Houseman 3 years ago

Now let's convince the whole wolf pack to do this!

Bronson Pelletier does the Sky Jump!

But first, here's another shoutout from Bronson through his facebook! Hi Bronson!

If you remember Bronson's interview with The Edge, he had said he wanted to do the SkyJump while he was still in New Zealand. Did you think he was joking!? Think again! Below are pictures from the Sky Jump! Homeboy was nervous! I guess you can say cliff diving is nothing compared to this!

Credit:Sky Jump Sky Walk New Zealand

Sky Jump also recorded his jump. Click here!

Click on the picture for bigger view!

Never look down!
Yes that's him dangling!


He looks like those NASCAR/FORMULA 1 drivers here.


Lastly, C4 from New Zealand interviewed Bronson...
Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wolf Day In Vanity Fair-Kiowa and Alex

Click here for Kiowa's interview.

Click here for Alex's interview.

Still waiting for Chaske's interview with Vanity Fair. He tweeted yesterday he was getting ready for it. Will they be able to reach Bronson? I think Bronson is quickly becoming my alpha. Here is another Bronson interview from Zealand. This time from 3 News.

XOXO Pink Paws :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bronson's New Zealand visit & a surprise shoutout!

Our shoutout from Bronson's facebook! Flash those paws loud and proud! That's twice in one day! He also recommended our partner site, Oh Quileutes just a few hours before.

Bronson visiting The Edge radio station in New Zealand. He looks so angelic there!
Click here to see his interview. It's a good 15 minutes or so.

He did another interview with ZM online.

XOXO Pink Paws

P.S. Hi Bronson!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bronson to appear at Armageddon Expo

Last minute change! Bronson will be appearing in Melbourne for the Armageddon Expo on Oct. 17. He could be there as I type!

He will then travel to New Zealand for the Armageddon Expo there as well. That will be the weekend of the Oct. 24. For sure the paws will appear in Aukland!

I doubt he's reading, but travel safe, Bronson!

XOXO Pink Paws

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Banner

Thanks to @emontestar (via Twitter) for the new banner! This banner is just a sample of a plethora of Wolfpack graphics from Hokulani-designz. She's one of the webmistresses there...check them out.

New Moon is just 34 days away. Will you be watching at midnight? Couple a row? Or pay for one movie, watch that movie and then sneak into New Moon? HAHA. I'm sure you guys will be guilty for all the above.

Currently, Chaske, Tyson, and Gil are at Eternal Twilight 2 in the UK right now. Look forward to an experience with the paws soon!

Also, ET will show an exclusive clip from New Moon on Monday. They have showed a teaser and it is definitely Bella confronting the Wolf Pack. (Trying to search that teaser as I type LOL)

Lastly, if you or anyone you know is going to any appearances, twilight conventions, etc that the Pack will come to, let me know! I would love to hear your paws experience. Flash those paws and Become a Fan!

XOXO Pink Paws

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pink Paws at the Twilight Convention in Chicago!

Rachel, one of the moderators at Tinsel Dreams, was gracious enough to kick start the Pink Paws at the Twilight Convention in Chicago this past week. The following is her experience...

I had little to no time to make individual paws. Much more make them all nice. They weren't even entirely really pink. They were pink ish purple ish! I tried though.
Any how I made one regular printing paper sized paw. On the inside I wrote "TEAM WOLF PACK" Then on the empty space near the paw I wrote: Pwning vampires since forever.

Now I didn't get to wave it around or anything either. Kind of hard trying to take pictures and do that at the same time. So I decided maybe I can show it to the boys during autograph session and MAYBE get it signed.

As I was in line one of the volunteers for the convention saw it. She thought it was adorable and a smart idea.

The first one to see it was Kiowa who was my first for the autograph session I asked if he could maybe sign it. The lady asked me if I had another autograph ticket, Which I said 'no'. She told me he can't and Kiowa I think felt bad for me and sad about that so he wanted to take time to look at it. He laughed as he looked at it and read my little pwning note. He smiled at me saying it was awesome and that he loved it.

The second one to see it was Bronson. He had the same reaction as Kiowa. He pretty much said "Yeah that's right we do." He thought it was cool of me to make it. I didn't ask him to sign it. I already knew the answer so I was just happy to show it to him.

The last to see it was Tyson. I didn't get much time with him but he did see the paw saying it was great.

I have to say it wasn't the prettiest paw, nor did I get much reaction from the boys considering the time I decided to show it to them and the fact I didn't have an autograph ticket for it to be signed but all in all I thought I got some good feedback.

It was nice of them to even look at it and appreciate it. The boys were gracious as always and the cutest group of the bunch I have to say.

So that was my paw experience and I hope there are more paw experiences to come from other people!
I will probably do a better job with paws now that I actually know what to do and what not!

-Tinsel Dreams

Right now, I don't have the picture of her paw. I will soon! She is currently working on her Tinsel Korey fansite that will go live very soon! Again, thanks Rachel for kicking this off! I don't mind her making one paw, but if you guys made multiple paws, imagine the guys' reactions!

I'm thinking this may not work for autograph sessions. We could always try. We could always pose with them during the photo-ops!

XOXO Pink Paws

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