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Chaske, Alex and Julia in the LA Times

Alex Meraz, Julia Jones and Chaske Spencer are a band of werewolves in ‘Eclipse.’

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The 1950s gave us the Rat Pack. The ‘80s, the Brat Pack. These days, the Wolf Pack is roaming the film scene.

Although the "Twilight" franchise may have helped spur the vampire craze with the Cullen brood, the saga's gang of shape-shifters is bringing sexy back to werewolves. And in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which hits theaters June 30, that's no different.

"The Cullens are very reserved," said Alex Meraz, who plays Wolf Pack member Paul. "They're vampires, but they're not out killing people. They're not what they're meant to be. Whereas the Wolf Pack, we're through and through animals. We're frisky. We're fun. There's something sexy about that."

In the third installment of the franchise, the band of brotherly (and sisterly, as we'll see) hirsute creatures joins forces with its rivals, the Cullens, after Seattle is plagued by a series of killings caused by an army of newborn vampires.

But since their computer-generated alter egos seem to be getting most of the screen time, here's a chance to get to know the actors pre-transformation:

Alex Meraz (Paul)

At 25, Meraz is still adjusting to the whirlwind that comes with being in a blockbuster franchise. But don't be fooled. He's not complaining.

"Bring it on," he said. "I was working really hard before, and it just didn't seem to pay off. I'm just really grateful for it all."

Before he caught the acting "virus," Meraz — who admitted his first viewing of "Twilight" was a bootleg version — demonstrated his artistic tendencies through dance, martial arts and painting. In fact, he still breaks out the paint and brushes to maintain his sanity through all the "Twilight" pandemonium.

But it's that pandemonium that gets him amped when talking about the movie.

"The fans are going to love this film," he said. "I didn't get my chance to touch anybody in ‘New Moon.' This time I go at it with Emmett [ Kellan Lutz]. I give him a nice bitch slap. But I'm in wolf form, so maybe it's a big paw slap?

"Oh, and there's a lot more action. It's more Paul wolf. You're going to see my wolf form doing a lot of stuff. You'll just see me running around shirtless once and a while."

So what of all those topless scenes?

"I have a newfound respect for women. I have to keep my figure. Girls are telling me to take my shirt off. It's like, ‘Hello! I'm a person, too!' "

Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater)

Bryce Dallas Howard isn't the only new face to join the burgeoning ensemble cast. Jones will make her debut to the franchise as Leah Clearwater, the scorned and bitter sole female member of the Wolf Pack.

"She's really a tough character," said Jones, 29. "She's pretty angry about a lot of things that she has every right to be angry about. She's miserable and lost and trying to cope internally without a lot of help. And she lashes out quite a bit."

Jones may not be a household name just yet, having appeared in independent films and a few episodes of "ER," but that will surely change for the Boston native come June. And for the woman who said she knew she wanted to be an actress after playing Michael Darling in a production of "Peter Pan" as a child, it'll be a learning process.

"I don't know," Jones said. "I'm just trying to take it easy while I can. It's going to be a new thing to figure out how to navigate this craze. I'm doing my best to prepare myself for all of it."

Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley)

Spencer reprises his role as werewolf Sam Uley, the sometimes disgruntled leader of the Wolf Pack.

Although Spencer hasn't exactly gotten used to the global attention — "It's cool, the recognition. But it's work. I know how to keep my life private" — he said he doesn't regret the decision to join the wildly popular franchise.

"There's a lot more offers," said Spencer, 35. "As an actor, that's all you can hope for: more chances to keep it going."

Spencer is in Arizona shooting his new film "Shouting Secrets," about a successful young writer in Los Angeles who is called back to his Native American background to tend to his ailing mother.

With the media blitz already in full effect for "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," Spencer said working on something completely different is a way to escape. But there's no escaping the constant pleas for spoilers from the new flick. And like his character's quiet, shadow-like wolf form, he only gives a whisper of details.

"This time around, Sam has to put his ego aside to take on this new breed of vampires," Spencer said. "There's a lot of new relationships being formed."

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BooBoo at K-Swiss Party

Booboo Stewart attends the K-Swiss Party to launch the Vintage California Collection at Kitson on April 29, 2010 in Malibu, California.

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Bronson and Chaske on SerieAsten.TV

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via Official Bronson Pelletier Fan Gathering

Chaske Spencer: On the Island The "Sam Ulley" From "Twilight"

For fans of the famous young vampire Twilight saga, the actor's visit to Puerto Rico Chaska Spencer has been an excellent introduction to the premiere of Eclipse, the third installment of the film franchise starring Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob).

Eclipse The tape is in post-production stage and is scheduled to reach theaters on June 30 this year. The fourth and final installment of the vampire saga, Breaking Dawn, is in preproduction.

Spencer, who plays "Sam Ulley," the leader of the pack of wolves in the whole Twilight saga, and filmed all his scenes of Eclipse and start to prepare for his role in Breaking Dawn.

This was revealed this past Saturday the actor Native American to be interviewed for the First Time during their participation in the Puerto Rico Comic Con which was held at the Convention Center of Puerto Rico in San Juan. Spencer was the special guest this year.

Only a select group of Puerto Rican fans of Twilight had the opportunity to share with the actor in an intimate encounter that took place in one of the suites of the Convention Center. The line to get started early hours of Saturday morning.

Practice painful spiritual rite

The Chaske native American actor Spencer belongs to the Lakota Sioux and raised on Indian reservations in Montana and Idaho. When meditating, sometimes subjected to painful rituals as part of a purification process. It allows you to extract pieces of skin from his left arm, which already has samples of the procedure.
Spencer arrived in Puerto Rico with his girlfriend and publicist at 5:00 am that day, so had only a few hours of sleep before his first meeting with the Puerto Rican fans. Still, intrigued by his sympathy and eloquence.

The actor, raised in the heart of the Lakota Sioux tribe, came from Los Angeles, California.

How did you get the role of "Sam", head of the wolf pack of Twilight?

All we were going to audition for the wolf pack were cited on the same day. We get all super well, chemistry was immediate. Couple of days later I was told that I had chosen for the role of "Sam."

What did the "Sam" when you went to audition?

In fact he knew nothing of the character, because he had not read the books by Stephenie Meyer. But then I did my research.

How did you prepare physically for the role?

Training in the gym two and sometimes three times a day. Special diet. No sugar, and protein shakes.

Did you expect the impact it had Twilight in all types of audiences?

I knew I was going to have some impact but not a magnitude as it has had. I knew I would succeed, but when they told us the box office numbers of New Moon, for example, was surprised.

How would you describe the experience of being part of this phenomenon of cinema?

This has been the most elaborate project I could work. Actually I have no words to describe it. There is a difference between this and what he had done previously, because this is something international.

How have you dealt with the cast, the actors of the saga?

Everyone in the cast are very humble, at least those who have worked with me. We get on very well but do not hang out much. Well, I jangueo more with the wolf pack because I am part of it. (Laughs). I see enough in September to Kristen (Stewart) and Taylor (Lautner), because I work with them many scenes. But Rob (Pattinson) only see him during dinner.

"You get to share more with Robert Pattinson in Eclipse?

Yes, because we will have several scenes together. Actually the cast of Twilight is so great that you do not get to see them all, every day, but it's really a unique experience. They are good people, professional people.

Is there animosity between vampires and wolves away from the cameras as it is against them?

No, there is no tension between vampires and wolves. On the contrary, much bother, had a great time.

What are your plans after filming Breaking Dawn, the last part of Twilight?

I want to have a solid career in acting. Before Breaking Down, I'll shoot, starting next week, and then Shouting Secrets Blood in the Winter.

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Julia Jones at Revival Vintage store opening

Looking gorgeous as usual! Julia Jones attended the grand opening of Revival Vintage on April 28, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010 interviews BooBoo

Transcript: BooBoo Stewart Twilight: Eclipse Interview

Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of New Line Cinema's A Nightmare on Elm Street presented by Warner Bros Pictures.

BooBoo Stewart – 'Seth Clearwater' in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Alex Meraz told me about the training you had to do, so can you tell me about the training?

BooBoo Stewart: "Actually, which was really awesome, I didn't have to go through the training with those guys. My mom's a personal trainer so it was really awesome. She got to train me in the gym."

What did she have you do most to get in shape to be a wolf?

BooBoo Stewart: "I mean, you train something different every day. It depends on the day. You don't want to work the same muscle too much because then you'll break it down."

And the CGI…have you seen your wolf?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah, I got to see him. It looks awesome."

Is it how you imagined it would look?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah, definitely, it's so awesome. I wish I could turn into a wolf in real life, but I can't do that."

Put yourself in the fans' place, in reading that book and seeing your wolf on screen, what are they going to think?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yessss! They did it right."

Talk about working with director David Slade. Everybody says he knows exactly what he wants from every scene.

BooBoo Stewart: "He's awesome. Such a cool guy. He knows what he wants, but he makes you feel comfortable on set. He doesn't cross that line of making you feel uncomfortable, which is really awesome."

The fans this time around were just as fanatical visiting the set as they were before. Did you have any run-ins?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah. Actually the first day I was there these fans, we were filming like – I don't know, a hard place to get…it's hard to get there on foot…and so they got there though. They passed the barricade and plaster walls and all these crazy stuff, and I saw them standing over there but I didn't think they thought they'd make it up there, so they were just kind of like, 'What do I do now? We're here – what do we do?' So they were just like standing there. And the security got them off, but it was hilarious. It was funny though, but that's awesome they made it all the way up there."

How did they know how to get to such a secluded place?

BooBoo Stewart: "I have no idea. They're just so loyal and just they know. They know."

Have you been getting lots of emails and fan letters?

BooBoo Stewart: "A lot of fan letters. Actually, these are all fan…I get a lot of fan bracelets all the time and wear them. I wear them all the time."

Do they come with letters saying what those actually mean to the person who did them?

BooBoo Stewart: "They all do. I read them all. Send them back stuff. It's fun."

Has David shown you any of the footage?

BooBoo Stewart: "I've actually seen a couple previews, so they look good. It's definitely like every movie's getting better."

Because Eclipse is, out of the four, my favorite book.

BooBoo Stewart: "Mine too."

Why is it your favorite?

BooBoo Stewart: "Just the action I think. It really gets you pumped. Like, 'Okay, yeah, an arm gets ripped off. Yeah!'"

So when you signed up you were like, "Yeah, I'm looking forward to just the action parts of this!"?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah. I was just looking forward to being there, just all being on set. It's awesome."

Did you guys do anything special to bond?

BooBoo Stewart: "I'm not sure. I actually just got back from signing autographs in Australia with Gil [Birmingham], he plays Billy Black. So, yeah, it's really cool. We got to spend some time together just having a good time."

Are you ready if they say, "We're doing Breaking Dawn next month."? Are you ready?

BooBoo Stewart: "I would be ready, yeah."

Have they told you anything at all?

BooBoo Stewart: "I don't know. I really don't."

Are you signed on?

BooBoo Stewart: "No, not yet. Not that I know of. I haven't signed anything."

You've read number four?

BooBoo Stewart: "Oh I've read the books. Yeah, I've read the books. They're great. That's a long book. Someone said, 'I read it in like three days!' I'm like, 'How did you read that in three days?'"

So the fourth book, we get to see you much more in the action and Seth becomes more of a central character. You're looking forward to playing that I'm sure.

BooBoo Stewart: "Oh yeah, for sure. It'll be so much fun if it happens."

Are you a fan of Freddy [Krueger]?

BooBoo Stewart: "Oh my gosh, Jackie Earle Haley is my favorite actor. It's Heath Ledger, Jackie Earle Haley, and Mickey Rourke. Those are my three favorite actors and wow, I've been waiting for this movie. I'm like, 'Yessss!'"

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BooBoo chats to on the red carpet


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alex is 1 of 55

I wish I could read the article. Congratulations, Alex!

Source: TeamTwilight, The Meraz Effect

Seth Clearwater IN The ECLIPSE Trailer

Some readers of were able to spot Seth attacking Riley in the Eclipse trailer!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tinsel Korey – “Fan of the Week”

Name: Tinsel Korey
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Twitter: @tinselkorey

Favorite Quest Crew moment :
The moment that always sticks out for me is when, I believe it was Steve was flipped over two of the other members in the dance number with the piano. I remember watching it, thinking what the heck?! How did he do that? Cause it’s not like he had room to run and jump. He jumped from a stationary position. Epic Quest Crew moment I think.

Favorite Quest Crew dance move?
I don’t really have a favorite move. I can just appreciate their dance style as a whole. I love the fact that they use theatrics in their performances. They paint a picture and tell a story. Also they have a pretty sexybadass sense of style.

If you could hang out with Quest Crew for a day, what would you do?
Hmmmm. Probably something that involves competition. They seem like they shine when they’re put to the test. A day at Dave and Busters sounds like it could be fun, or a UFC match. :)

Which member are you most like?
Well, I don’t really know any of them personally. But if I had to choose just by instinct, I’d probably say “Hok”. There’s something about him that just stands out. I have a feeling that he’s very artsy; so I could relate to that.


Eclipse live chat with Julia (Nikki and Bryce)

Wolf stills from Eclipse trailer

Source: TwilightersAnonymous

Shineon-media chats to BooBoo

New pics of Tinsel

Source: TinselDreams

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New Alex, Tyson, and Chaske Eclipse Pic

They look so great! Bring on the full wolfpack picture!

Source: TheMerazEffect

FINAL Eclipse Trailer!

Chaske & Gil Work Together In ‘Shouting Secrets’

Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer are to work together in Korinna Sehringer film “Shouting Secrets.”

Twilight actor Gil Birmingham has been cast opposite fellow Twilight cast member Chaske Spencer and General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher in the Korinna Sehringer film “Shouting Secrets.”

Gil will play Cal, the father of Wesley (played by Chaske Spencer). Wesley is a successful young writer in Los Angeles who is called back to his Native American upbringing after ten years in order to visit his sick mother. Tyler will play Tushka, a half-breed Indian who, when his mother falls ill, is forced to look at his failure to breach the confines of reservation life.

Gil has appeared in a number of films with fellow actor and friend Chaske Spencer, and playing Chaske’s father is nothing new. In “Skins,” Gil played the role of Sonny Yellow Lodge, the abusive alcoholic father of Rudy, played by Chaske.

“Shouting Secrets” is a film from the creative team, Joke Film Productions, consisting of Producer / Director, Korinna Sehringer (“Survivor”) and Producer Ueli Josef Bollag. Filming will begin next month.

With Chaske, Tyler and Gil heading the cast list, the film “Shouting Secrets” is certain to be on my must-see movie list.


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BooBoo is Koala friendly

Booboo Stewart reaches out to pet a Koala Bear at the Sydney Wildlife World in Australia on Thursday.

Booboo visited the park with his The Twilight Saga: Eclipse co-stars Christian Serratos & Daniel Cudmore. The stars are “down under” to attend some Twilight Conventions. One in Sydney on April 24 and one in Melbourne on April 25.

Sooo cute BooBoo! xx


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Tinsels "Stained" movie poster

Tinsel twitpic'd this picture of her up and coming movie "Stained". Looks like a great movie already!

via Tinsel Korey twitpic

More BooBoo at "Inspire a little love" event

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alex dishes Twilight Gossip

Alex Visits NOVA FM in Australia

Another interview with NOVA FM. Will be posted soon.

Source: NOVAFM

Julia added to Boston and Toronto TwiCon

Awesome news! Julia has been added to the Boston and Toronto Twilight Convention

More info on
Boston convention
Toronto convention

Pics of BooBoo at "Inspire a little love" event

Seriously these kids are so adorable!
BooBoo and his sisters - Fivel and Sage

Source: TeamBooBooSeth

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