Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pink Paws at the Twilight Convention in Chicago!

Rachel, one of the moderators at Tinsel Dreams, was gracious enough to kick start the Pink Paws at the Twilight Convention in Chicago this past week. The following is her experience...

I had little to no time to make individual paws. Much more make them all nice. They weren't even entirely really pink. They were pink ish purple ish! I tried though.
Any how I made one regular printing paper sized paw. On the inside I wrote "TEAM WOLF PACK" Then on the empty space near the paw I wrote: Pwning vampires since forever.

Now I didn't get to wave it around or anything either. Kind of hard trying to take pictures and do that at the same time. So I decided maybe I can show it to the boys during autograph session and MAYBE get it signed.

As I was in line one of the volunteers for the convention saw it. She thought it was adorable and a smart idea.

The first one to see it was Kiowa who was my first for the autograph session I asked if he could maybe sign it. The lady asked me if I had another autograph ticket, Which I said 'no'. She told me he can't and Kiowa I think felt bad for me and sad about that so he wanted to take time to look at it. He laughed as he looked at it and read my little pwning note. He smiled at me saying it was awesome and that he loved it.

The second one to see it was Bronson. He had the same reaction as Kiowa. He pretty much said "Yeah that's right we do." He thought it was cool of me to make it. I didn't ask him to sign it. I already knew the answer so I was just happy to show it to him.

The last to see it was Tyson. I didn't get much time with him but he did see the paw saying it was great.

I have to say it wasn't the prettiest paw, nor did I get much reaction from the boys considering the time I decided to show it to them and the fact I didn't have an autograph ticket for it to be signed but all in all I thought I got some good feedback.

It was nice of them to even look at it and appreciate it. The boys were gracious as always and the cutest group of the bunch I have to say.

So that was my paw experience and I hope there are more paw experiences to come from other people!
I will probably do a better job with paws now that I actually know what to do and what not!

-Tinsel Dreams

Right now, I don't have the picture of her paw. I will soon! She is currently working on her Tinsel Korey fansite that will go live very soon! Again, thanks Rachel for kicking this off! I don't mind her making one paw, but if you guys made multiple paws, imagine the guys' reactions!

I'm thinking this may not work for autograph sessions. We could always try. We could always pose with them during the photo-ops!

XOXO Pink Paws

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