Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink Paws at UK's Eternal Twilight 2

Kate, one of the moderators of our partner sites, Oh Quileutes, was able to attend Eternal Twilight 2 on Oct. 16-18 and of course showed her WolfPack spirit. Chaske, Gil and Tyson were guests. Following is her account...

My paws were all made the week leading up to ET2. I needed to get another project i was working on for Chaske done first. I got some pink card off my mom, it wasn't very strong though. And i used my glitter gell pens to do the design on each of the paws. I wanted to have something that would stand out for each guy so i did the following:

Chaske - I wrote on it "we're howling forever"
Tyson - "Because everyone needs a best friend"
Gil - "Cos he's down with the kids"

I also put the actors name with their character underneath. I also added the pink paw website and my own website ( to the bottom of them. I went for a slightly different colour scheme for each of them keeping the paw print in green (i didnt have a black) and it was dark enough. Finally i attached safety pins to the back of each one and attached them to my bag so they would always be on show.

I didn't get a chance to show everyone till that Sunday as the Saturday I was still a total bag of nerves!!! The first person I showed was Gil. He looked at it and was like this is cool. I wasn't able to get it signed unfortunately as I didn't have a spare auto ticket for anything else.

The next person was Tyson. He looked at it throughly and said that he had heard of the pink paws and loved it and asked if he could keep it. I of course said he could. I thought it would be a good thing so he has both website addys on it (even though he's a total tecnophobe lol). He was very impressed I could tell though.

Last was Chaske. I showed him again he had a thorough look and really liked it. He saw the little white love hearts i had added last minute and smiled at me, me = nearly a puddle of goo on the floor, lol!! He said that he thought it was awesome.

I wasn't able to get any of the guys to sign theirs, especially with Tyson wanting to keep his. But I think the fact they saw them was probably enough! I have a feeling that Tyson will most likely take his back and show the others too as he was really impressed.

My next event is in 30 days when i meet Bronson in London and I will be making him one, this time i will try and get a picture of him with his. Then again at ET3 and Collectormania 16 next year i will make new ones and hopefully get pictures with the boys and them.

I really hope we get more stories as i know the boys really like them!!

Keep up the movement!! I'll back you all the way!! xD

Wolf girl

Thanks Kate! Kate also won a dinner auction and had dinner with the cast: Chaske, Tyson, Gil, Edi and Rachelle. For pictures, you can see them on Black_Pack!

I'm so glad Tyson kept his! Maybe he'll start a collection? Technophobe or not, he's probably checked this site out. HI TYSON!

XOXO Pink Paws

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