Thursday, May 20, 2010

CBC Early Edition interview with Bronson

Bronson was on CBC Early Edition Radio last Friday before going to the Vancouver Twilight Convention.

Have a listen here (It starts at 1hour:34)

Here is a brief transcript of the interview.

Interviewer: Good morning

Bronson: Hey whats happening good morning

Interviewer: Is it ok for you to be in the sun even though yourcharacter would probably not do very well in it?

Bronson: I think we’re safe, we’re the werewolves so i think we’re just fine in the sun light

Interviewer:Tell me abit about the character you play

Bronson: I actually, I play Sam Uley’s right hand man I play one of the werewolves, I was one of the first to phase into the werewolves and I am kind of a jokester I guess in the story mode but uh, yeah, its good times

Interviewer: You know what my daughter would give her left arm to be sitting where I am sitting right now, she just loves the werewolves in that movie.

Bronson: Yeah the werewolves are pretty cool

Interviewer: What’s it like for you to watch yourself up there on the big screen and watch the transformation taking place.

Bronson: I thought it was actually very interesting watching the CGI like way the werewolves – when we transform, shapeshifting from human form into the werewolves it is actually pretty amazing.

Interviewer: You literally turn your body and it suddenly starts to just become this wolf

Bronson: Yeah we’re like literally kinda suppose to just turn and jump backwards and we kinda phase into this huge enormous big powerful creature its pretty amazing to watch.

Interviewer What has it been like for you to be apart of this ride,with this movie series?

Bronson: wow, it’s been amazing. I have been travelling around the world, a lot of doors have opened. I've been to like Paris, Germany, Australia, pretty much all around the world so far and its been pretty amazing.

Interviewer: and youre a BC Boy

Bronson: thats right Vancouver boy, BC boy

Interviewer: so its pretty neat that the world has come to your hometown

Bronson: Yeah its definitely pretty amazing that they came and started filming in Vancouver, well the beautiful british Columbia right, theres a lot of trees and thats really much needed in this film

Interviewer: Did you do anything or know anything about this priorgoing to going for the auditions for this?

Bronson: Honestly at first when I went for the Audition for newmoon right, i knew what twilight was but I didn’t know like this saga New Moon.So i went for the audition and I got a call back and next thing I did my homework, did my research and I’m like WOW, this is like the Twilight saga this is huuuge. So then the second audition when i met the producers and director Chris Weitz and I was little nervous now, so then I did the audition and I got a call back again a couple of weeks laterand told me that i got the part... I was pretty estatic.

Interviewer: and now you’re in for the run

Bronson: I’m in for the run

Interviewer: What’s it like in your life to try and walk around in the streets of Vancouver now that you are a star?

Bronson: Oh, Vancouver is pretty chill, everybody is really laid back in Vancouver its when you go to the states where its a little more “AAAAH”

Interviewer: This weekend its going to be abit “AHHH” at the Sheraton with all the fans coming to town

Bronson: Yeah definitely, I am looking forward to it, I am actuallypretty excited about it.

Interviewer: Are you ready for the filming that’s about to take place July and August in town?

Bronson: Definately, I loved being on set so,

Interviewer: Any hints as to whats coming next?

Bronson: No idea...

Interviewer: Thank you so much for coming in and talking about this andI wish you continued success

Bronson: Awesome thank you very much

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