Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hollywires Exclusive Video of: A day in the life of BooBoo Stewart

Booboo Stewart is on his way to becoming the next HOTTEST thing in Hollywood! The 16-year-old cutie is starring in the upcoming Summer blockbuster, Eclipse, as Seth Clearwater, a member of Taylor Lautner’s scorching-hot wolf-pack. The rising star invited our very own Katie Krause to spend the day with him — and boy did they have an absolute blast! The duo did everything from feeding the Stewart’s family horses – to weapons training- to racing go-carts! They even found some time to chow down on some good ole’ chicken & waffles at Booboo’s favorite restaurant. Check out HOLLYWIRE’S exclusive video for ALL the action:

Click the picture to be directed straight to the video

Source: Hollywire

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