Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's recap! What are Pink Paws?

Lately, we've been encountering questions on twitter about what these pink paws are. Pink Paws are a way to show support for the Wolf Pack actors at conventions. Paws come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever size you want to make them is up to you. You can decorate your paws however you want as well. In general, you can put the actor's name on one side, then the character's name on the other. Or you could put a random phrase in either side with their real name.

Be creative and make it your own! Wave them around loud and proud! Wouldn't it be great to have a sea or a row of paws at a convention or most importantly the Eclipse Red Carpet Premiere? Make those vamps jealous!

What are you waiting for? Spread the word about the paws! When you get back, tell us your encounter with them. If you want to give it to the guys, take a pic of the paw beforehand. You can probably take pics with them in your photo-ops! I will do that when I go to the convention in March.

Lastly, for ever paw made, I will donate $1 to Pink Paws For Life. Pink Paws for life is a charitable foundation dedicated to finding a cure for pet cancers. We are not affiliated, I didn't know they existed until way after I started this blog.

The paws have been to a couple events so far. And the guys have loved it. The first encounter was in Chicago.

When Bronson was in New Zealand, he got the Paws treatment!

When Gil, Chaske, and Tyson got their paws at Eternal Twilight 2 Tyson kept his. He may be starting a collection!

And we can't forget the epic shoutouts from Bronson on his facebook.

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