Friday, December 4, 2009 interview with Bronson and Tyson at the New Moon Premiere

New Moon Bronson Pelletier and Tyson Houseman Interviews
Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Summit Entertainment's New Moon.

Tyson Houseman – 'Quil Ateara' in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The wolfpack…
Tyson Houseman: "Yeah, I play Quil Ateara."

How do you guys make yourselves into a pack?
Tyson Houseman: "Before we started filming they put us through a really intense work-out regimen for about two months. So I think that really helped us all bond together, the suffering of the work-outs. They were really hard, and it helped us develop like a pack mentality. We all became best friends together. We hang out all the time now."

So I hear you guys are actually going to get the tattoos. Are you really going to do that?
Tyson Houseman: "I think Kiowa [Gordon] wants to get the tattoos. I don't know about me. Maybe not. I don't know. I'll think about it. They're really cool tattoos."

Filming this you guys were without your shirts for so much of this, and it's freezing cold on the set. How do you handle that?
Tyson Houseman: "A lot of huddling together for warmth. Every time they'd say cut we'd all jump in our bathrobes and our Uggs, and we'd all just huddle together and we'd try and stay warm. But I mean it's really nice during the summer when there's like a really, really warm day and we could just run around without our shirts."

You worked out, you look like a pack, but how did they make you so buff all the time in each of your scenes? You're so defined.
Tyson Houseman: "Before every shot we did, every scene, they would have a set of weights on set and we'd always get pumped up before every scene. It'd be really funny because there'd be all the crew setting up their stuff and all the cast getting ready and everything, and then there'd be the wolf guys in the corner lifting weights, getting ready for the shot. And at the end of every day, we were so dead tired because we'd been lifting weights between every shot."

What do you think of your wolf?
Tyson Houseman: "He looks really cool. I got to see a picture of it the other day. He's a dark brown wolf with green eyes. It's really cool."

Do you think he captures your spirit?
Tyson Houseman: "Oh totally. It's really fun."

Bronson Pelletier – 'Jared' in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

How's it feel to be a part of something so huge?
Bronson Pelletier: "Privileged, definitely. And still I feel blessed."

Blessed to be a member of the wolfpack.
Bronson Pelletier: "When I found out I got the audition I was just jumping up and down. I was ecstatic."

You guys really did bond and do like a wolfpack training?
Bronson Pelletier: "Yeah. The training is what bonded us. I'm going to know these guys for the rest of my life, you know? They're like a band of brothers. They're great."

And the tattoos? You're really going to get them?
Bronson Pelletier: "Yeah, actually we're thinking about getting tattoos. We're not sure where we're going to put it, but we're all thinking about getting a little wolf tattoo or something."

Wait, do you have to put them in the same spot or can you each individually decide?
Bronson Pelletier: "I think we can each individually decide."

You might want one on your butt and somebody else might…
Bronson Pelletier: "Yeah, that's what we were thinking – right on the tush."

Why do you think people love these books? What is it?
Bronson Pelletier: "A lot of people can relate to these things because there's like that's how people go through their daily lives. There's jealousy, there's rivalry, there's love triangles. There's heartbreak. There's chaos. It's a wild movie. Plus, people love to get caught up in that whole fantasy. Like, it's universal – vampires and werewolves. It's great; they love it."

Were you into this kind of stuff before? Did you like fantasy?
Bronson Pelletier: "I love fantasy stuff. Underworld was a great movie. Ever since I've seen Underworld with Michael Sheen, I always wanted to be a wolf after that one. Before that I was all about vampires, but after Underworld I totally wanted to be a werewolf."

Then this is the best role you could ever have.
Bronson Pelletier: "Exactly. Hands down."

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