Friday, December 11, 2009

Chaske in Yale as a Guest Speaker

I found this excerpt from a blog at Black_Pack. Original blog was from Alison.

He also talked about how he auditioned for the role of Jared (really???) but was called back to read for Sam (good call casting director!). He also said that he was about 24 hours away from not being cast at all. Apparently, Chris Weitz decided on an entirely different wolf pack, went home, had a dream or something, and came in the next day and said that it had to be the other group. The group that had Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz [Paul] and Bronson Pelletier [Jared].

Thank God Chris Weitz had that dream. Now I'm curious to see what that OTHER group looks like. Would we be going crazy for them as we are with Chaske, Alex, and Bronson?

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