Friday, December 4, 2009 interview with Kiowa at the New Moon premiere

New Moon Kiowa Gordon Interview - 'Embry' in New MoonRebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Summit Entertainment's New Moon.

Kiowa Gordon - 'Embry Call' in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Are you tired yet?
Kiowa Gordon: "Yeah, a little bit."

Is there anything in your life you would have stayed out on the streets for five days for?
Kiowa Gordon: "No, but I love these people for doing it. They are really dedicated, passionate, and I had to come out last night and say, 'What up?'."

How'd they like that?
Kiowa Gordon: "They loved it. I was mobbed. I had to sign and sign and sign, and already it was like an hour past and, 'Oh, I gotta go!'"

Isn't it strange that you're part of one film and people will know who you are forever for this because this has got such a huge fan following?
Kiowa Gordon: "It is, it is. It really is."

Tell me about being part of the pack and getting that pack mentality.
Kiowa Gordon: "Well, it's awesome. Within a couple of hours of meeting everyone, we all bonded so fast and we were already cracking jokes. We went to work out together every day for like an hour and a half for a whole month, and that really bonded us even closer."

Did you have to stay in that shape because you were then going to have to go on to Eclipse?
Kiowa Gordon: "Yeah, yeah."

How tough was that?
Kiowa Gordon: "It's kind of hard because I usually don't work out, but this... Yeah, I had to pack on the pounds just eating protein, eating anything."

What's the deal with the tattoos? Are you guys really going to do that?
Kiowa Gordon: "Yeah, yeah."

You want to get a tattoo from this, permanently - for the rest of your life - to be a member of this wolfpack?
Kiowa Gordon: "Yeah."

Where are you going to put it?
Kiowa Gordon: "My left butt check."

Why your left one?
Kiowa Gordon: "I don't know. It felt like it."

What did you think about your wolf?
Kiowa Gordon: "My wolf? It's pretty sick. He's the fastest one. It's pretty cool."

Did you have any input or did they just show you after it was done?
Kiowa Gordon: "They just showed us. They just looked like wolves. Mine is actually gray with black spots on his back. They made it pretty cool."

Do you think it captured your spirit?
Kiowa Gordon: "Yeah. It has my eyes, actually. You will see all of our eyes on our wolves."

And Eclipse, we're going to see a little more action from you guys?
Kiowa Gordon: "More action, definitely."

And that was probably a little tougher for you guys to do?
Kiowa Gordon: "Not so much. It was all pretty easy."

If there's one thing you can tell guys to get them out to the theater, what would you say?
Kiowa Gordon: "Their girlfriends - they've got to go with their girlfriends. Ask girls to go watch the movie and they'll love you."

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