Sunday, December 13, 2009

News: Patricia is now a co admin for Bronson F.B Fan Page

Hey Guys

Im Patricia, co-moderator here. IF you hadn't already noticed... I am kind of, a little bit, maybe, teeny weeny, maybe ALOT (as in to the moon and back alot), am BROSESSED. Don't know the term? it basically means Bronson Obsessed :).

If you aren't already following me on twitter im @BronsonPFans and also made up another twitter account @BronsonPTwit4us to TRY convince Bronson to join twitter. So no luck yet with Bronson joining Twitter, but if you want some social page Bronson action, the closest thing is his Facebook Fan Page it is admin by Fran Pelletier (Bronsons Cousin), Jen and Bronson himself. He has 100% access to it and you never know when he posts something :).

I noticed this morning when I checked his page that he had posted 3 posts.

1. asking "Where everybody is from?"

2. asking "Wondering how old everybody is?"

3. asking "What do you want for xmas?"

I didnt KNOW it was him just had a feeling it was him (its a BROSESSED thing :P hahaha) I also took it to Twitter for everyone to comment under "What do you want for xmas" to say "FOR BRONSON TO JOIN TWITTER :)" and HOPING it was him that posted the posts so he could see all his fans asking and be convinced to join. To double check it was him I asked Fran (Bronsons cousin, admin of Bronsons Facebook Fan Page) when she was online on Facebook. She said yes it could have been him because she was not on during the time the posts were posted :) and also told me that if it was Jen (other admin) she would've put her name at the end of the post. Fran is aware of my Twitter Bronson Fan Page, she then asked me how good I was at updating... and I said Im pretty good :) oblivous to where the conversation was heading. Then BAM! she asked if I'd like to be the 4th admin for the Facebook Fan Page! I asked her if she was serious! Id LOVE TO! and then she confirmed she was serious when the little notification popped up and said "Fran Pelletier made you administrator of the Page "Bronson Pelletier" *SQUUEELL*. She also gave permission for me to link the Facebook Fan Page and my Twitter Fan Page together!

Okay this is like a HUUUUGE deal to me :) talk about "A WHOLE NOTHA LE-VEL" :). So there you have it guys my news for you and this can totes count as an early xmas gift! woooooo!. Make sure to keep checking those pages out and of course right here on Pink Paws!

Love Muchly

Patricia x x

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