Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Bronson!

*We started this on the 29th but we are posting this today...*

You know what else it is today? It's only Bronson's Birthday! To celebrate the last day of the year, AND before we part ways to kick in the new year, we here at Pink Paws wanted to celebrate right. How? A birthday post for Mr. Pelletier! So here are 23 random pics for ya'll to enjoy!

You are entering...
Bronson's Birthday Bash!

Of course we would start with this! He's got the nicest butt in the pack!

Ah Renegade days...

Damn you paps for get him pissed/startled!

Renegade days again! Bronson listening to TV Daddy!

Dinosapien days! My God, he was so skinny here!

He has a cell phone! What a miracle. This looks nothing like him!

Take it off!


I heart you!

This is the pic that stole my attention from Alex. Who knew anyone can distract me from Alex?

This must be his fav. shirt....

He owns a suit! He should wear this to the Eclipse Premiere!

Ahhh early New Moon days. The wolfpack were such paparazzi virgins...

No seductive look! Just keep smiling!

When will we see this interview?

RAWR! :)

I wouldn't want Bronson in granny panties!

DJ BP...hoooowl :)

Extreme DIMPLES!

Still going crazy for those damn dimples! Something Alex doesn't have!

My most fav. pic!

And yes a new month is approaching. New banner is coming soon yet again. Check back Jan. 1st!

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