Saturday, June 26, 2010

How the 'Eclipse' Wolf Pack Got Their Animal Instincts

Twilight actors Julia Jones, Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer dish to to iVillage about prepping to play their wild parts.

The first things you might notice about the Twilight wolf pack are their toned bodies and rock-hard abs. But Julia Jones -- who plays the only female wolf-pack member in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- explains that there's much more to being a werewolf.

"This is going to sound really weird, but I watched a lot of footageof wolves," the 29-year-old actress tells iVillage about getting into character for her role. Her biggest inspiration was watching the documentary 'A Man Among Wolves' about Shaun Ellis, a British animal researcher who became a part of a real-life wolf pack.

"He had to eat the heart of the animals they killed because that's how the pack knew he was dominant...Anyway,that's what I did (to prepare)."

"Wow, I was just doing pushups!" jokes Alex Meraz, 25, who plays pack member Paul.

Watch our exclusive video interview to hear how Jones, Meraz and fellow wolf Chaske Spencer(Sam Uley) felt about working with other actors with Native American ancestry and why their fans made it difficult to "travel in a pack" offset.

Would you rather be part of the Quileute wolf pack or the Cullen vampire clan? Chime in below!

SOURCE: iVillage, watch the video here

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