Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Julia Jones: Handling "Eclipse" Craziness Like a Pro

While the hoopla surrounding the hit movie franchise "Twilight" could be overwhelming for a newcomer, actress Julia Jones is taking it all in stride.

The 29-year-old model turned actress is a fresh face in the upcoming "Eclipse" film, but she claims that her focus was on doing a good job rather than the insane fan frenzy surrounding the project.

“I was just focused on working on the character,” Jones tells WWD. “I kind of got lost in that. The size of the franchise is just hitting me now.”

Playing the character of Leah Clearwater, Miss Jones is a werewolf in the film who has it in for Bella Swan after she breaks Jacob Black's heart.

As for her audition for the much-sought-after role of Miss Clearwater, Julia reminisced, “I left realizing that I had paraphrased my entire audition. I was so focused on figuring out who the character was that the memorization was secondary. The words completely left me. I wanted to die.”

SOURCE: Celebrity Gossip & BlackPack

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