Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Source: the Examiner

For Taylor Lautner, putting on 30 pounds of muscle for Twilight: Eclipse wasn't purely cosmetic; it was a necessity for the job!

Lautner, 18, says his arms were burning after one particularly grueling day when he had to carry around Kristen Stewart in his arms for hours shooting retakes.

"There's a scene where I'm carrying [Kristen], and it's also, like, four pages of dialogue," Lautner told MTV. "So I'm carrying her, and we're walking through the woods, and I'm talking to her, and it's a pretty intense talk."


He added: "We actually had plans, a rig that was basically going to carry her, and I was just going to pretend that I was carrying her. We got there on the day, and the rig didn't look very natural. They were like, 'What are we going to do?' and I'm like, 'I'll just carry her. She's like, what, 110 pounds? It's no big deal!' "

Unfortunately, Taylor wound up shooting and re-shooting that scene all day long so that by the end of the day, he was exhausted.

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