Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Julia Jones Interview-Eclipse and Jonah Hex

With Rebecca Murray

Julia Jones has roles in two big June 2010 releases: 'Jonah Hex' and 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.' And at the premiere of 'Jonah Hex,' Jones talked about life on the set of both very different films.

Transcript: Julia Jones Interview-Eclipse and Jonah Hex Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Jonah Hex.

Julia Jones - 'Cassie' in Jonah Hex I've seen Eclipse now, it must have been a lot of fun filming that.

Julia Jones: "It was so fun. It was literally one of the most fun experiences of my life because we just have so many people, and they're people your age and in your age range, hanging around and working really hard, and feeling so passionate about their characters - and having a lot of downtime. So it's like this awesome combination of working hard and playing hard."

You got really choked up at the junket when you were talking about being accepted as a Native American actress. Why are you still so emotional about that and what really gets to you?

Julia Jones: "I mean even when I think about it just now, it's such an honor. I don't know if you've ever been in a position to change people's lives or to feel like you are impacting childrens' lives,especially. I've talked to kids and I've met kids who you can literally watch their world expand because somebody that looks like them... There are very many of us, you know? I don't feel a burden; it's doesn't feel like weight to me. It feel just overwhelming sometimes."

It's a vampire movie and it's going to open up doors for more Native American actors, don't you think?

Julia Jones: "Yeah, absolutely."

So isn't it strange that it's a teenage vampire movie that's getting this out there, is making this more mainstream?

Julia Jones: "Yeah. I mean if you actually break it down there are reasons. But yeah, it does seem strange."

And Jonah Hex, you get to play Josh Brolin's wife - lucky lady.

Julia Jones: "I know."

What was that set like?

Julia Jones: "That was very, very different from Twilight.It was kind of condensed, very specific, quiet, focused set. And I don't know, it was almost like a conservatory. Everybody was just so doing their own thing and coming... I think there was a lot of trust on that set. Like everybody trusted everybody else to know what they're doing and to sort of be at the top of their game. Which, of course,they were. So it just kind of rolled along. A lot was expected so you just sort of showed up."

Different than playing a werewolf.

Julia Jones: "Yes, and all the chaos of 45 characters in the middle of nowhere, running around and doing whatever they're doing."

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SOURCE: About.com

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