Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alex Meraz in New Zealand Girlfriend Magazine!

Okay guys, i (Patricia) am Kiwi, and i found this interview with Alex Meraz in New Zealand's Girlfriend Magazine. They interviwed him over the phone. Check out the interview and my scan of the article! Enjoyyyy.


ALEX WHO? If you’re a diehard Twilight saga reader you could be forgiven for not paying much attention to Alex Meraz’s character Paul amongst all the steamy vampires. But you’ll be sure to notice him when Alex 24, makes his debut in New Moon as the volatile member of the Quileute tribe, starring alongside Taylor Lautner. Spending the entire movie shirtless, Alex muscled up for New Moon and we likey! He recently admitted to us when we caught up with him on the phone that “We [the wolf pack] were outside frolicking around in the forest and it was freezing cold, so when you’re watching us in those scenes just remember we endured, like, sub zero temperatures and there was snow in certain areas!”

New Moon boot camp “I was on set for a little less than a month, but most of that was really just training. We worked out with the personal trainer just to kinda get in shape because there was a lot of CGI for the wolf pack, there was a lot of preparation for that because it’s very specific and tedious,” says Alex. “I think the pressure came from knowing we were gonna be shirtless and we wanted to look our best for the fans” Thanks for that, Alex! We sure do appreciate it!

He likes healthy competition On the set of New Moon, Alex and the rest of the Quileute tribe had to work out before scenes to maintain that fierce bulked up look for the movie. It was nothing but a little healthy competition. “I think Taylor, you know, he was only 17 when he started working out, it required a lot more work for him and a lot more time, but Taylor lit the fire under our butts for a bit, he looked really good so we had to try and look at least as good as he did” Alex says.

Google eyes He might have a martial arts sculpted body but that didn’t stop this New Moon newbie from googling himself, along with tons of teenage girls, when he first landed the role. “For the first two weeks, when it came out that I was in the wolf pack, I did it. I was in my trailer [saying], ‘People like me! People like me!’ I then realised by googling myself, I’m not going to find anything I like... I’m arguing with an eight-year-old!”

Thanks to NZ Girlfriend Magazine

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