Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amanda's New Moon Movie Review

Hello! If you follow me on Twitter, I am @pink_paws. You may not get the best movie review from me. I was a bit distracted from my friends, who kept asking me questions. I guess that's what happens when you sit in the middle! What questions were they asking me?
"When's he gonna cut his hair?"
"That last wolf that stared at her is Jacob right?"
"Is this bike part in the book?"
"Are those his friends from the garage?"
"Why are they only wearing shorts?"
"When they get angry, do they become wolves?"
"Which one is she engaged to?"
"Oh is he the leader of the pack?"
"Is he really in Brazil?"
"What Dakota's power?"

All that aside, from what I remember, New Moon did follow the book. The wolves were great. Chris Weitz is a wonderful director. I liked how they used scenery for October, Novemeber, December. When I passed through the pages in the book, I thought to myself 'What a waste of paper....but I understand that time is passing.'

The meadow, The Jacob-Bella-Mike date, and the muffin scenes were the scenes I was really looking forward to. Those scenes weren't leaked in trailers and clips. The meadow, of course, but I was just excited to see that scene fully. I was on the edge of my seat when Sam's wolf comes out. BLACK. SO BLACK!

It was funny watching the three-way date. Facepunch? REALLY! "I'm gonna shoot you and shoot you now" *Endless gunshots* My friend and I were laughing. But the whole palms up thing was there to show how desperate they wanted to hold her hand. And I LOVED seeing Jake lash out on Mike. Mike's eyes were watering and had this look like "Whoa there buddy, calm down a bit!

I wished the Muffin scene wasn't so rushed! I wanted that whole "Great! We've got bait" thing in there, too. In the book, Bella understood how close-knit they were. You couldn't get that in the movie. In the book, I imagined Sam kissing Emily slowly, scars first then a big, deep passionate kiss on the lips. It turned out cute in the movie, though. Little playful kisses. I love little playful kisses. I need a man! HAHAH

Hmmm...what else? Blah blah Volturi was great too. I find myself liking the Volturi too. Like I enjoy watching wolfpack and Volturi interviews. Total opposite.

Besides other distractions, I got the most distracted when they show Edward in Brazil. While everyone else is thinking "Oooo! Shoot! He thinks she's dead" I said out loud "Ooo Cool! that Christ the Redeemer statue is glowing!!!"

What is just me? Or did Chaske/Sam looked fake? Maybe its his bigger body or the bronzer, but sometimes he looked CGI. Like they just added him in there. Especially, when he was entering the kitchen and the beach. Probably the bronzer. Oh yeah, at the beach, did he have to yell at Jacob about helping Charlie and Harry when he was only like 5 feet away from them? My friend and I couldn't stop laughing.

Rescue scene was cool! That was definitely how I imagined Bella hanging lifelessly in Sam's arms. Loved the awkward look that Jake gives Sam when Sam's staring at him.

With all my friends' questions. I'm gonna have to watch it again. By myself. No distractions!

Good night!

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