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The Canadian Press with Bronson

Boy, does Bronson do alot of Interviews or whaaat?. Not that im complaining....

Vancouver's Bronson Pelletier bulked up to play hunky werewolf in 'New Moon'
By Cassandra Szklarski (CP)

TORONTO — Move over Robert Pattinson.

A new pack of "Twilight" heartthrobs is poised to take over the big screen, with Canadians Bronson Pelletier and Tyson Houseman among the newcomers portraying hunky werewolves in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," the latest instalment of the rabidly popular romance series.
Well-aware of the fanaticism the first film unleashed in young - mostly female - fans, Pelletier admits that a good part of his work on "New Moon" involved some serious muscle training to bulk up for topless scenes meant to make girls swoon.

"Our motto to it all is: 'Suck it in and tell the truth,' - that's kind of an inside joke between all of us," the affable Pelletier says of the unabashed eye-candy he and his co-stars were enlisted to provide.

"We're going to be immortalized on this screen, right?"

The baby-faced Pelletier plays Jared, one of a pack of young werewolves who prowl the aboriginal Quileute community of La Push, Wash., and protect it from the threat of vampires. The Vancouver resident says he's poised for the onslaught of attention - professional and otherwise - this movie will bring him.

Last year's "Twilight" film launched a fan frenzy that catapulted the relatively unknown Pattinson into super-stardom, and "New Moon" is already doing similar things for its new romantic lead, Taylor Lautner. Lautner plays budding werewolf Jacob Black and best friend to love-struck heroine, Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart.

Based on the second book in the bestselling series by Stephenie Meyer, "New Moon" finds Bella devastated when her vampire boyfriend Edward (played by Pattinson) leaves town. She finds comfort in Jake, but slowly learns that he, too, is struggling with a secret of his own.
Pelletier says he tried to bring a dose of levity to the teen melodrama, also featuring Chaske Spencer as the alpha dog werewolf Sam Uley, and Vancouver's Houseman, who plays one of Jake's best pals, Quil Ateara.

"I'd like to think of him as a bit of a jokester, I like to bring that to the table as a little part of myself," says Pelletier.

Daily workouts helped unite the wolf pack both on-and off-screen, adds the 22-year-old.
"We were only doing cardio training in the beginning, like conditioning and whatnot and then a bunch of us would go out, just the wolf pack would go out by ourselves and do some weight training with each other," he says.

"We did conditioning, muscle confusion, strength training and it was with the same trainer that did '300' and so he had no mercy on us. It was like, blood sweat and tears. It was a lot of hard work."

The wolf pack also features Kiowa Gordon as Jacob's pal Embry Call, and Alex Meraz as Paul, the most volatile of the pack. Veteran actor Graham Greene, of Ontario's Six Nations Reserve, plays Harry Clearwater, an old friend of Bella's father and a Quileute tribal leader.

Pelletier, of Plains Cree and French heritage, says he felt an obligation to portray the Quileute Nation with respect since the fictional tribe takes its name from the community in La Push, Wash.

"I did a lot of research on the Quileutes and they're originally whalers," says Pelletier, whose previous roles include the Canadian TV series

"The mythology behind the Quileutes is their origin was from wolves and they changed into the humans but they don't change back like we do. We can change back and forth as we please and that's kind of like the whole fantasy realm of it all, which Stephenie Meyer really brings to the whole thing."

The "Twilight" cast has already filmed the next instalment, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," and Pelletier notes he gets a little more screen time the next time around.

"There's no such thing as a small role, I bring it all to the table and see what happens," he says of his big movie break.

"I just realize this is definitely going to be opening a lot of doors for me so I figure, you know what, I might as well put everything you have into it, just like any work you do."

Other Canadians in the film include Vancouver's Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Marcus, a member of a royal class of vampires.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon," has already broken the Canadian record for advance ticket sales. Cineplex Entertainment and E1 Entertainment Canada said Tuesday that advance sales reached $1.5 million.

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