Monday, November 30, 2009

New Month, New Banner & some News!

Hello everybody! I was too excited to wait a couple more hours for Dec. 1st that I just decided to change the banner for the month. If you remember, I thought it would be a great idea to feature an actor from the Wolf Pack for the next coming months until Eclipse comes out. November to June is 8 months and there's 8 members in the Pack! Well, Bronson gets this month! Feel free to guess who gets what month.

Kate from Oh-Quileutes.Org was able to get a shoutout from Mr. Pelletier himself at CollectorMania this weekend. Nice timing, indeed.

I love his wink :P

Some News. Kiowa's been added to the Official Twilight Convention in Los Angeles. I am most likely going to that. He's probably been added to more. That's just the only one I checked.

I'd like to thank all pack sisters for helping me spread this movement. It will only get bigger and better! My goal is to get a whole section of Pink Paws at the Red Carpet Premiere for Eclipse! Even if I'm not there. Can we do this!?

Speaking of pack sisters, I'd like to thank Emonte from Hokulani-Designz for hooking us up with great graphics all the time! Check out the site! It's great for wolfpack graphics and now they are expanding!

Let me know if you like the colors! I made it easy on the eyes and not soooo pink.

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