Thursday, November 12, 2009 w/ Alex&Kiowa

LOL Too much Alex&Kiowa, so little time! JK...This levels out all my Bronson in NZ blogs.

Kiowa had a very personal path to this role. "Well, I was going to church as usual with Stephenie Meyer, the writer, and she kinda saw me and thought that I'd be a good character for the native roles. I was pretty stoked that she would see me as one of her characters. She told me about the open casting call in Phoenix and I went to an acting coach… I went into the audition and knocked it out!" Pretty amazing for his first role!

Alex admitted to not really being aware of the first movie and not realizing how big it was because he was working in Canada at the time. When he heard that there was a Native American component to the series, he decided he would not let the second film go by without trying to get a part. He auditioned for the role of Sam Uley. "It was really close. We were short-listed, but I just didn't feel right about it. I was trying to be what the books explained. I was trying to be taller, bigger, a deeper voice."

He was crushed when he learned that he did not get the role of Sam, saying that he thought he didn't get any role. But his manager was quick to point out that he would play the hot-headed, short-tempered Paul. "I was happy when I did research about who Paul was, because I kinda like the more bad boys, guys with attitudes." Later, when he met Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) he realized immediately that he was perfect for the role of the Wolf Pack leader.

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