Friday, November 6, 2009

BBC News:Fans sink fangs into Twilight

BBCNews has a review up from Eternal Twilight 2. Below is just some of the article. Click on the link for two videos, one in which Chaske and Tyson speak!

Ahead of the baseball party, the opening ceremony takes place in the main hall.

Organiser Jason Joiner, of Massive Events, makes a plea for the audience not to "squeal" as the guests arrive. Instead there are screams and whoops.

Edi Gathegi is first up on stage. "You beautiful UK people!" He has them eating out of his hand in seconds.

Next it's Tyson Houseman, a newcomer to the Twilight family and at his first UK convention.

"I have always wanted to run onto a stage and yell 'Hello England!' really loud," he says.

"You're so cute!" calls a woman's voice in the audience.

"Don't try to jump on me, I'm really sick right now," says Houseman, who is genuinely nursing a cold.

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