Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Denver's 9News with Alex & Kiowa

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'New Moon' actors say they are real life wolf pack

"It's weird. On my MySpace I have people from Brazil, from France, from Italy, lots of places it's crazy," Gordon said.

But Gordon and Meraz say they can understand the popularity of the movie which has many universal themes.

"I think that's what fans across the world have enjoyed about it is that it's a love story done in this fantasy realm and why people connect to it is because there's so much that they can relate to. Everyone knows what it feels like to be dumped or to try to befriend somebody or defend somebody or to get revenge and these books, the films, they have it all," Meraz said.

"New Moon" hits theaters Friday, Nov. 20. It is expected to surpass the $384 million that Twilight sank its teeth into in theatres worldwide last year.

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