Thursday, November 5, 2009

J-14 Chats w/ Alex

I don't know where J-14 found this, but this is a nice New Moon promo! Not the typical wolfpack-brooding picture!

J-14 exclusive interview with Alex Meraz about Taylor Lautner Vs. Himself:

J-14: Your background is in martial arts, just like Taylor Lautner -- how do your skills compare?

Alex Meraz: I'm better. (Laughs) No, you know Taylor, you've gotta look at the difference. Taylor is 17, I'm 24. I've been doing it a lot longer. And as of recently, I've really become more of an actor now. This is what I'm heavily relying on in terms of survival and what I'm really into now. But a couple of months ago, I was still training and considering doing mixed martial arts like cage fighting. So I'm without a doubt -- without trying to be an ego maniac -- better!

J-14: So you guys trained in different forms of martial arts?

Alex: Yeah, he did more for events -- more of the flashy kind of things. I did it more for efficiency -- to fight.

J-14: But you can both stand there and do back flips?

Alex: Yeah, we can both do back flips.

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