Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seventeen Magazine chats with Chaske

17: What was it like working with Taylor?

CS: Taylor is a lovable man! He is so cool! First, he is raised right. He is a good kid. He's got his head on his shoulders and he's fun. He can be an adult when it comes time to work, but he is still 17 so he can be a kid as well. He gets really bored easily so between takes he will do flips and stuff. And he can do break-dancing and karate. The production people had to tell him to chill a few times because it got a little rowdy.

17: When you weren't working out, what did you guys do on set?

CS: We goofed around a lot. It's really fun because you get to hang out with these guys that you get along with. It was like a party. We would all pile into my trailer and watch a movie sometimes if it was taking a while to get to set or if they were busy filming something else. On off time, we would go to restaurants and clubs together. They were like my brothers.

17: On set, is it really vampires v. werewolves? Are there cliques?

CS: No! It's such a huge cast that everyone gets along but we don't get to see everybody. I've seen Rob on New Moon like twice, just in the makeup trailer, and then we go off to film our scenes. If we're filming, the vampires are off, and when they are filming, we are at the gym. So it's not a clique, it wasn't meant to happen, that's just the way it is. Everyone gets along, though.

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If you guys were wondering, Alex's appearance on The Rachael Ray show will be shown on Nov. 11. Check local listings! Or Youtube :)

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