Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One on One with Tyson Houseman

Saywhatnews.com interviewed Tyson. Can't wait to see how he portrays Quil in that cheesy, seductive way...Also he confirms he doesn't have a Myspace or a Facebook.

SayWhatNews: When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

Tyson: I never really came to a realization that this was something I wanted to pursue. It just sort of happened. New Moon was the first audition that I had ever been to in my life. It was actually an open casting call, and I found out about it from a friend. I thought that it would be a good experience to have, and I never once expected that I would get it. But I did the open casting call, and I got a callback the next week. When they sent me the lines I had to learn for the callback, the casting director told me that there were two different scenes, one really long one and another really short one. He told me I only had to do the short one and they wouldn’t have time to do the long one and it wouldn’t even be in the film. But I learned the long scene anyways and when I did the callback I did the short scene and afterwards I asked if I could do the long one too, and they said yes. A week later I got a call saying I had gotten the part.

I think Tyson being prepared and asking to do the longer scene at the callback is what got him the part. Late congrats Tyson!

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

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