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Transcript: BooBoo Stewart Twilight: Eclipse Interview

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BooBoo Stewart – 'Seth Clearwater' in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Alex Meraz told me about the training you had to do, so can you tell me about the training?

BooBoo Stewart: "Actually, which was really awesome, I didn't have to go through the training with those guys. My mom's a personal trainer so it was really awesome. She got to train me in the gym."

What did she have you do most to get in shape to be a wolf?

BooBoo Stewart: "I mean, you train something different every day. It depends on the day. You don't want to work the same muscle too much because then you'll break it down."

And the CGI…have you seen your wolf?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah, I got to see him. It looks awesome."

Is it how you imagined it would look?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah, definitely, it's so awesome. I wish I could turn into a wolf in real life, but I can't do that."

Put yourself in the fans' place, in reading that book and seeing your wolf on screen, what are they going to think?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yessss! They did it right."

Talk about working with director David Slade. Everybody says he knows exactly what he wants from every scene.

BooBoo Stewart: "He's awesome. Such a cool guy. He knows what he wants, but he makes you feel comfortable on set. He doesn't cross that line of making you feel uncomfortable, which is really awesome."

The fans this time around were just as fanatical visiting the set as they were before. Did you have any run-ins?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah. Actually the first day I was there these fans, we were filming like – I don't know, a hard place to get…it's hard to get there on foot…and so they got there though. They passed the barricade and plaster walls and all these crazy stuff, and I saw them standing over there but I didn't think they thought they'd make it up there, so they were just kind of like, 'What do I do now? We're here – what do we do?' So they were just like standing there. And the security got them off, but it was hilarious. It was funny though, but that's awesome they made it all the way up there."

How did they know how to get to such a secluded place?

BooBoo Stewart: "I have no idea. They're just so loyal and just they know. They know."

Have you been getting lots of emails and fan letters?

BooBoo Stewart: "A lot of fan letters. Actually, these are all fan…I get a lot of fan bracelets all the time and wear them. I wear them all the time."

Do they come with letters saying what those actually mean to the person who did them?

BooBoo Stewart: "They all do. I read them all. Send them back stuff. It's fun."

Has David shown you any of the footage?

BooBoo Stewart: "I've actually seen a couple previews, so they look good. It's definitely like every movie's getting better."

Because Eclipse is, out of the four, my favorite book.

BooBoo Stewart: "Mine too."

Why is it your favorite?

BooBoo Stewart: "Just the action I think. It really gets you pumped. Like, 'Okay, yeah, an arm gets ripped off. Yeah!'"

So when you signed up you were like, "Yeah, I'm looking forward to just the action parts of this!"?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah. I was just looking forward to being there, just all being on set. It's awesome."

Did you guys do anything special to bond?

BooBoo Stewart: "I'm not sure. I actually just got back from signing autographs in Australia with Gil [Birmingham], he plays Billy Black. So, yeah, it's really cool. We got to spend some time together just having a good time."

Are you ready if they say, "We're doing Breaking Dawn next month."? Are you ready?

BooBoo Stewart: "I would be ready, yeah."

Have they told you anything at all?

BooBoo Stewart: "I don't know. I really don't."

Are you signed on?

BooBoo Stewart: "No, not yet. Not that I know of. I haven't signed anything."

You've read number four?

BooBoo Stewart: "Oh I've read the books. Yeah, I've read the books. They're great. That's a long book. Someone said, 'I read it in like three days!' I'm like, 'How did you read that in three days?'"

So the fourth book, we get to see you much more in the action and Seth becomes more of a central character. You're looking forward to playing that I'm sure.

BooBoo Stewart: "Oh yeah, for sure. It'll be so much fun if it happens."

Are you a fan of Freddy [Krueger]?

BooBoo Stewart: "Oh my gosh, Jackie Earle Haley is my favorite actor. It's Heath Ledger, Jackie Earle Haley, and Mickey Rourke. Those are my three favorite actors and wow, I've been waiting for this movie. I'm like, 'Yessss!'"

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