Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chaske at Armageddon NZ

Chaske came to New Zealand for Armageddon. These are all my pictures from events he was at like the Armageddon event and The Cocktail Party! It was soooo fun! Chaske is THE most genuine guy ever! he is so lovely! I first showed him my pink paws when I got a picture with him and I said "Im going to give you the pink paws treatment" and he said "hi sweety" and was kind of stunned at my pink paws... I guess in his head he was like DAMN those are shiney. Check out my pics OH AND CANT FORGET THE PINK PAWS!

Chaskes glass of water at the private audience panel lol... WHAT? I HAD TO!

He sat at my table at the cocktail event for awhile! he's so awesome

Chaske and I

Those redwines are mine...

Chaske is drinking Coke lol

Representing that Pink Paw! (I took a pic of the actual pic)

To me

I havent forgotten my Favourite! Bronson they are still selling your autographs at Armageddon! :)

Krystol from oh-quileutes and her pink paws

Me and my Pink Paws!

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