Monday, April 5, 2010

Krystols experience at Armageddon Expo

Read about Krystol from Oh-Quileutes experience meeting Chaske and her Pink Paws. I (Patricia) was hanging out with her the whole time! We went to the expo together and a private audience panel!. Read on...

The first time i saw Chaske was at the Photo sessions. While I was walking he said "Hey Sweetie" & asked how I was. On the first photo he put his arms around me as I did to him too. He is a really TALL guy. He is very cuddly. So I got two photos with him with my Pink Paw showing. When it came to the panel he answered all the questions. He even plugged in a good band called "Unisex Salon" he also spoke to us about Be the Shift. The way he spoke about it makes me want to contribute and I'm going to try my hardest. When it came to the Autograph signing he commented on my Pink Paws. He thought it was really good and he loved it. He signed a picture of him spelling my name right. Yay. hahha! After that he was just signing autograpshs and enjoying Armageddon.
On Saturday, thanks to my friends aunty she gave me her Twilight Pass so I could go to the Private Chat, which was soo nice of her & for that THANK YOU! So anyways, 11 of us girls... (I think 8 which I knew lol) were all upstairs in the bar (which was closed) with Chaske Spencer for a half an hour private chat with him. He gave us some good inside gossip and everything, he looked really comfortable with us. I think we spoke for more than half an hour though hahah! He eventually left, and it was just us girls who pretty much stuck around to talk for maybe another half an hour lol. After that I roamed around Armageddon taking some shots of Chaske while I was at it... Yes he did notice I was taking photos of him and he kept staring at my camera. I think at some point I kind of got intimidated by his stare I just left lmaoo! But other than that.. Saturday was so much fun.

All & all.. Armageddon was complete. I met up with my girls.. Patricia, Magz, Jess & the girls from TeamTwilightNZ.... & seeing Chaske just made it complete by being there. Hes an amazing person guys. If you ever meet him you have to go and just start a conversation with him.. He is more than happy to talk to you.


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