Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Transcript of Chaskes chat on!

I (Patricia) was one of the... 77 watchers in that chat room! It was so awesome! Jennifer from did an awesome job organising this. lovinchaske were able to get Chaske and his manager Josselyne to chat with the members of lovinchaske. This transcript is from - thank you.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Hello! Welcome to the live chat with Josselyne Herman -Saccio and Chaske Spencer! Please remember: No typing during this event to prevent being booted from the chat!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): This is a watch only event!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): We do not want to miss anything that is being typed!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): With that being said, I’d like to first introduce Josselyne Herman – Saccio, she is Chaske’s manager as well as the voice behind United Global Shift

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Hi Josselyne!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Welcome!

Josselyne: Hi there

Jennifer (lovinchaske): How are you this evening?

Josselyne: Doing great…so happy to be with all of you

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Great!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): I’d like to spend a couple minutes if you don’t mind talking about United Global Shift.

Josselyne: Absolutely

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Can you tell us a little about what it is?

Josselyne: UGS was created a couple of years ago mainly to train people to cause sustainable change in their communities. Working with DR SHARMA form the United Nations we created it. We do workshops for people and provide information and education so people can make changes they are inspired and committed to you can go to www.unitedglobalshift.rog to find out lots more.

Josselyne: org nor rog

Jennifer (lovinchaske): who is United Global Shift intending to help?

Josselyne: Mostly it is intended to empower people who want to create projects that impact their areas of interest. we have projects impacting children, Native Americans, eating disorder victims, environment it is more about whatever YOU are interested in impacting. We encourage people to take on a project and look at the underlying systems that are keeping undesired circumstances in pace.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Why should we help out?

Josselyne: If you can shift the systems you can create sustainability. You should get involved IF you have something that you want to create in your communities. Not really to HELP is more about empowering people to empower other people

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Ok! That sounds wonderful!

Josselyne: Instead of giving people fish we are teaching people to teach people to fish.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Could you give us some examples of some of your projects?

Josselyne: Chaske’s project is all about shifting the power to make change away from govt and corporations and towards the people like you and me. Peace promises is one project that shifts the thought that peace is up to someone other than u

Jennifer (lovinchaske): You’ve written a book about Peace Promises correct?

Josselyne: 1 voice world is an entertainment company dedicated to spotlighting people who are making a difference vs. who is hot. Yes the peace promise book is the 30 day programs but all in a book you can keep

Jennifer (lovinchaske): I have a link here on the website to all of these. To learn more about peace promises

Josselyne: IB GREEN project is about shifting what is perceived as beautiful from an outside in phenomenon to and inside out phenomenon. THANKS for that…the new book will be out next month THE PROMISE EFFECT. United Global Shift as well as Shift the power to the people. All monies go to UGS.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Fantastic! Speaking of that! All of us here at LovinChaske have put together a shop, we are selling t-shirts etc.

Josselyne: Really?

Jennifer (lovinchaske): With all funds going towards United Global Shift!

Josselyne: Wow you guys are soooooo coooool, :-D we really appreciate your support

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Thanks!

Josselyne: Chaske is chompin at the bit here

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Sounds wonderful!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Okay… with… now… the man of the hour!

Chaske Spencer: Hey guys

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Who we’ve all been waiting for!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Welcome Chaske!

Chaske Spencer: thank you

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Thanks again for taking the time to do this with all of us!

Chaske Spencer: I am very excited to be here, I think it’ll be fun

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Well…let’s get you started!

Chaske Spencer: Ok

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Our first question tonight comes to you from Sanita… (Latvia) her question is do you regret not doing something with your life now being an actor has taken away?

Chaske Spencer: Hmmmmm, no regrets. I am pretty satisfied with how things are right now

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Good to hear!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 2 from Judit: How critical are you of yourself and your work?

Chaske Spencer: ooooo, some days very critical, but at the end of the day you just have to let it go

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Our next question is from Tiffany

Chaske Spencer: hi tiffany

Jennifer (lovinchaske): She asks would you ever want to move back to your reservation you grew up on?

Chaske Spencer: no, I like to visit though, my family is there

Jennifer (lovinchaske): from Victoria Mae: How has the journey been for you from being a waiter/bartender to being the leader of the Quileute wolf pack in the very popular Twilight Saga in addition to being an important spokesperson in UGS?

Chaske Spencer: it has been long, lots of ups and downs but worth every minute of it. I am happy to have the opportunity to use what is happening to place a light on areas of concern for me so I can make a difference

Jennifer (lovinchaske): This question comes from Yelda: In your resume it states you enjoy drawing, writing poetry and photography; what inspires you most to do these things?

Chaske Spencer: Girls, short answer.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): why am I not surprised. 8-)

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 6 from TJB: I would like to know what kind of projects he would like to produce now that he has a production company. I’m interested to see if he would only stick to film (movies/docs/shorts/music videos/psa’s/commercials) or would he branch out and produce theater projects.

Chaske Spencer: right now movies are my focus but when the opportunity to make the SHIFT THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE PSA came up I could not pass it by.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): sorry… had to finish the question.

Chaske Spencer: no worries

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 7 from Christin: I know actors need to accept roles to keep working; but is there a type of role you try to avoid?

Chaske Spencer: yes, we call it “leathers and feathers” unless the role is written really well and not too stereotypical.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): lol, good one to avoid. :-D

Anydry: This question comes from Arydny: (me yaaay haha) What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever had to live through?

Chaske Spencer: life as an actor’s can be embarrassing, some of the roles I have played or auditioned for…urgh

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Care to elaborate?

Chaske Spencer: when I first started some of the auditions were really silly

Jennifer (lovinchaske): like?

Chaske Spencer: mostly if the filmmakers are not experiences and want to do unrealistic things

Jennifer (lovinchaske): understandable.

Chaske Spencer: action scenes in auditions when there is nothing there to interact with

Jennifer (lovinchaske): lol

Chaske Spencer: you feel kind of silly

Jennifer (lovinchaske): picturing an awkward air kissing scene

Chaske Spencer: yup

Jennifer (lovinchaske): This question comes from Judit: What kind of feeling do you get seeing yourself on the screen?

Chaske Spencer: critical mostly

Meg: Question 10 is actually from me (Meg): How has your life been with all this new attention and how are you dealing with that?

Chaske Spencer: it has been crazy and mostly I try to get lots of sleep…but it’s GREAT

Jennifer (lovinchaske): how’s that going for you?

Chaske Spencer: dream come true stuff

Jennifer (lovinchaske): we see you sleepy a lot!

Chaske Spencer: I know some of those pix are droppy eyed, lots of travel

Jennifer (lovinchaske): eh. We don’t mind!

Chaske Spencer: jet lag gets to you

Chaske Spencer: Awww

Jennifer (lovinchaske): guaranteed we still think you’re perfect!

Chaske Spencer: Lol

Jennifer (lovinchaske): This questions come from Lizzy: Does it bug you that you (and other actors like you) have been slogging it out for years and years, yet kids like Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner can luck out and walk straight from high school into such high profiles?

Chaske Spencer: Xo, no not at all BUT that is not really true that they hit it overnight. They both have been working since they were little kids, pretty much we have both been working same amount of years for the most part

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 12 from Jackie: Is there a song or an album that just makes you feel good no matter how many times you hear it? One that makes you just wants to sing along to it or even dance?

Chaske Spencer: two albums GUNS N ROSES APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION and ROLLING STONES EXILE TO MAIN STREET, work out to those all the time

Jennifer (lovinchaske): G ‘N’R rock on! Love them!

Chaske Spencer: me 2

Jennifer (lovinchaske): grew up with them!

Chaske Spencer: me 2

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 13 from Anissa Beach Walker: The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe is in dire need of help, thanks to Chaske I now know about this, I plan on taking some time away from my life in Oregon to go and help with what I can, my question is, what on a daily basis are the needs that one can assist with?

Chaske Spencer: the biggest thing is get people to sign the petition online and send letters to national media encouraging them to cover this story, in fact my official fan club (to be launched soon) will do a contest on this very thing

Jennifer (lovinchaske): That is great to hear! Tell Yvette hi! Lol

Chaske Spencer: will do she is great huh; Yvette is putting the fan club together

Jennifer (lovinchaske): I would have to agree!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 14 Perla Donato: What are five things you cannot live without?

Chaske Spencer: Ipod, coffee, hats :-) , a good leather jacket, my family and friends.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): love it!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): This question comes from Victoria Mae: Do you relate to the character of Sam Uley in any way?

Chaske Spencer: not really…but I rely on the books to connect the dots

Jennifer (lovinchaske): oh… you mean you don’t go running around without a shirt on blazing hot?

Chaske Spencer: Lol

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Lol

Jennifer (lovinchaske): this question comes from Melanie Pauls: I know that life can be a little bit busy, but what do you do to just “chill out” when you can find downtime? Ex. Friends, family, music…

Chaske Spencer: only in my room, I watch movies read books walk around NYC, also run in central park and go to the gym

Jennifer (lovinchaske): do you run into any other actors running around in Central Park?

Chaske Spencer: Alec Baldwin is out there from time to time

Jennifer (lovinchaske): love him lol that is funny

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 17 is from Witchie: What kind of gifts have you received from your fans? Anything weird? Overall, which gift did you prefer?

Chaske Spencer: my favorite gift was the birthday album you guys sent by far, have not really gotten anything weird for the most part

Jennifer (lovinchaske): I think I hear Ashley screaming from Forest Lake. Lol it was really amazing. it was put together with a lot of love! :-

Chaske Spencer: it came through on every page

Jennifer (lovinchaske): your fans truly appreciate you!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 18 is from Lizzy: When you decided to pursue your acting dream, why go to New York rather than LA?

Chaske Spencer: and I appreciate you guys so much, without you I have no career

Chaske Spencer: the actors I admired came out of NY, like DeNiro, Chris Walken Sean penn Val Kilmer

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 19 from Jen G: If you were stranded on a deserted island what 3 things would you want to have with you?

Chaske Spencer: an ipod, girl I love, tons of food

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 20 comes from Judit: Do you ever enjoy watching your movies or playing them back for others?

Chaske Spencer: no, that would be weird and creepy :-) to put someone through that…nuh uh

Jennifer (lovinchaske): lol, serious?

Chaske Spencer: really I would not do that

Jennifer (lovinchaske): I think everyone would love to see them!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Then again… I’m biased.

Chaske Spencer: seems like a quick way to clear a room to me …JK better to see it in the theatre

Jennifer (lovinchaske): lol. Do your parents own your movies?

Chaske Spencer: yes they do, my biggest fans

Jennifer (lovinchaske): see!

Chaske Spencer: True

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 21 is from Ziuska: How many languages can you speak?

Chaske Spencer: I am still workin on English, lol I think I would like to learn French though

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Anyone speak French here? Want to teach Chaske a word?

Jennifer (lovinchaske): opened up a can of worms there.

Chaske Spencer: sure did

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Question 22 comes from Jackie: If you could have a private concert from any 3 bands… what bands would you want to perform just for you?

Chaske Spencer: 3 bands…hmmmm, u2, Bruce springsteen, and…….. hank Williams 3rd

Jennifer (lovinchaske): this question is from Becky: Are you a big reader? If so, are there any books you love and can recommend?

Chaske Spencer: a book I am reading now is HELLRAISERS; it’s about the life of Richard Burton when he was drinking

Jennifer (lovinchaske): oh… now that sounds interesting!

Chaske Spencer: also I recommend CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONIMIC HITMAN, great book

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Just got a message from Bronson’s cousin. Carys Pelletier says hi! <3

Chaske Spencer: say hi for me, was just with Bronson in Berlin my new favorite city

Jennifer (lovinchaske): TY she says hi

Jennifer (lovinchaske): our last question is from Meenah, Question 24 Out of all the Actors/Actresses you’ve worked with in the past who have you learned the most from?

Chaske Spencer: Acting wise CRAIG SHAEFFER from INTO THE WEST, human being wise GIL BIRMINGHAM

Would he ever come to St.Louis?

Is there anything you’ve regret in your life?

Chaske Spencer: sure why not

Chaske Spencer: no regrets

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Chaske… if your game.. We’re going to play a little game. This or that.

Chaske Spencer: game on

Jennifer (lovinchaske): which do you prefer? Coke / Pepsi

Chaske Spencer: coke

Sorry, but my time ran out in the chat, and I need to talk this time! Chaske the Brazilian fans love you very much! Remember us! Big kisses

Chaske Spencer: love to brasil

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Long hair / short hair

Chaske Spencer: long hair

Jennifer (lovinchaske): On stage / off stage

Chaske Spencer: wait on me or a girl

Chaske Spencer: on stage

Jennifer (lovinchaske): hair… hmm.. for you?

Chaske Spencer: Long

Jennifer (lovinchaske): for a girl?

Chaske Spencer: Long

Jennifer (lovinchaske): we’ve covered all bases.

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Cat / dog

Chaske Spencer: Dogs

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Sweet smells / floral smells

Chaske Spencer: Floral

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Summer / winter

Chaske Spencer: Summer

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Boxer / briefs

Chaske Spencer: I like the boxer/briefs…you know what I’m saying

Jennifer (lovinchaske): lmao

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Sweet / salty

Chaske Spencer: I like mixing them

Jennifer (lovinchaske): New York / California

Chaske Spencer: French fries and iced cream

Chaske Spencer: New York

Jennifer (lovinchaske): French fries and ice cream? Together?

Chaske Spencer: yes don’t knock it till ya try it

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Hugs / Kisses

Chaske Spencer: kisses for sure

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Well… before we wind up closing up tonight… I do have a request for you.


Chaske Spencer: I love Austria, I have friends there

Jennifer (lovinchaske): Our dear Evewanda is celebrating a bday today, could you wish her a happy bday

Chaske Spencer: happy birthday Evewanda! great name

Come Back to west Edmonton mall in Edmonton CANADA!!!!!! sorry lol

Chaske Spencer: someday I will

Jennifer (lovinchaske): What kind of poetry do you like to write and why?

Chaske Spencer: kisses to all

Chaske Spencer: sexy dr suess kind of stuff

Chaske Spencer: just kidding whatever comes to mind

Jennifer (lovinchaske): that cracks me up, Chaske… my husband… Mr. Security has a question for you.

Chaske Spencer: Ok mr security shoot

Jennifer (lovinchaske): he’s a big fan of the old school street fighter games.

Chaske Spencer: Cool

Jennifer (lovinchaske): What would your name be if you were a character?

Chaske Spencer: Hmmm, terror!

Jennifer (lovinchaske): he approves.

Chaske Spencer: Good otherwise he might kick me off

Jennifer (lovinchaske): alright… it’s time that we wrap this all up!

Chaske Spencer: I’ve a question for you how do you get all the photos so quickly

Hey..hope your ok Chaske.. see you in May in Milton Keynes UK…its 2 am here I’m heading to sleep… talk to you later on twitter? And Josselyne I’ll email you soon too. Sorry for talking Jennifer -much love and sweet dreams xxxx

Jennifer (lovinchaske): I’m sneaky that way Chaske! Lol

Jennifer (lovinchaske): I want to make sure we thank both Chaske and Joss for taking the time to be with us tonight!

Josselyne: our pleasure, we appreciate all you do!

Josselyne: we appreciate your partnership

Jennifer (lovinchaske): we’ll close this out… everyone say goodnight!

Chaske Spencer: thanks for all your love and support, hugs and kisses :) :)

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