Friday, April 23, 2010

Chaske & Gil Work Together In ‘Shouting Secrets’

Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer are to work together in Korinna Sehringer film “Shouting Secrets.”

Twilight actor Gil Birmingham has been cast opposite fellow Twilight cast member Chaske Spencer and General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher in the Korinna Sehringer film “Shouting Secrets.”

Gil will play Cal, the father of Wesley (played by Chaske Spencer). Wesley is a successful young writer in Los Angeles who is called back to his Native American upbringing after ten years in order to visit his sick mother. Tyler will play Tushka, a half-breed Indian who, when his mother falls ill, is forced to look at his failure to breach the confines of reservation life.

Gil has appeared in a number of films with fellow actor and friend Chaske Spencer, and playing Chaske’s father is nothing new. In “Skins,” Gil played the role of Sonny Yellow Lodge, the abusive alcoholic father of Rudy, played by Chaske.

“Shouting Secrets” is a film from the creative team, Joke Film Productions, consisting of Producer / Director, Korinna Sehringer (“Survivor”) and Producer Ueli Josef Bollag. Filming will begin next month.

With Chaske, Tyler and Gil heading the cast list, the film “Shouting Secrets” is certain to be on my must-see movie list.


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