Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BooBoo spills on on getting punched

When we heard that Eclipse cutie Booboo Stewart was punched at a recent mall appearance in Vancouver, Canada, we were shocked! We’ve known Booboo for a while and we can’t think of why anyone would want to hurt him. Turns out it was all because of a dare and peer pressure. We reached out to Booboo to make sure he was all right and to ask him for the deets on what really went down that day. “All I can say is that at the appearance, someone decided on a dare to hit me,” he spilled only to us. “But I wasn’t hurt. He was held until the police came. I went back to greet the fans, but it’s just lame how peer pressure resulted in such a bad decision on his part. I’m fine.” We are SO relieved to hear that you’re doing fine, Booboo, and we can’t wait to see you light up the big screen when Eclipse hits theaters on June 30th!

Source: bopandtigerbeat

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