Monday, April 5, 2010

Chaske interviewed by Dan Parker from TV3 New Zealand

By Dan Parker

The Twilight phenomenon hit Wellington today as New Moon star Chaske Spencer headlined the pop culture Armageddon expo.

Twi-hards turned out in droves to get a glimpse of the man sho plays Sam, the leader of the wolf pack in the second Twilight film.

From all corners of New Zealand and from all walks of life, Twilight's hardcore fans lined up and coughed up to spend a few precious moments with one of their heroes.

“Oh my god, it was worth everything, just everything!” exclaimed fan Lisa Eden after getting a photo with Spencer.

Spencer is a bit bewildered by his fame, saying: “It's really strange, like it's not supposed to be there.”

Buying your own piece of fantasy cinema is a big part of the Armageddon experience, even though New Moon has yet to be released in New Zealand on DVD yet.

“I wish I had known I would have grabbed a few of my DVDs and brought them over here to you guys,” says Spencer.

It's predicted 15,000 people will browse the merchandise at Armageddon in Wellington this weekend and the show's organisers says the visitors can't be pigeonholed.

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