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Chaske Spencer: On the Island The "Sam Ulley" From "Twilight"

For fans of the famous young vampire Twilight saga, the actor's visit to Puerto Rico Chaska Spencer has been an excellent introduction to the premiere of Eclipse, the third installment of the film franchise starring Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob).

Eclipse The tape is in post-production stage and is scheduled to reach theaters on June 30 this year. The fourth and final installment of the vampire saga, Breaking Dawn, is in preproduction.

Spencer, who plays "Sam Ulley," the leader of the pack of wolves in the whole Twilight saga, and filmed all his scenes of Eclipse and start to prepare for his role in Breaking Dawn.

This was revealed this past Saturday the actor Native American to be interviewed for the First Time during their participation in the Puerto Rico Comic Con which was held at the Convention Center of Puerto Rico in San Juan. Spencer was the special guest this year.

Only a select group of Puerto Rican fans of Twilight had the opportunity to share with the actor in an intimate encounter that took place in one of the suites of the Convention Center. The line to get started early hours of Saturday morning.

Practice painful spiritual rite

The Chaske native American actor Spencer belongs to the Lakota Sioux and raised on Indian reservations in Montana and Idaho. When meditating, sometimes subjected to painful rituals as part of a purification process. It allows you to extract pieces of skin from his left arm, which already has samples of the procedure.
Spencer arrived in Puerto Rico with his girlfriend and publicist at 5:00 am that day, so had only a few hours of sleep before his first meeting with the Puerto Rican fans. Still, intrigued by his sympathy and eloquence.

The actor, raised in the heart of the Lakota Sioux tribe, came from Los Angeles, California.

How did you get the role of "Sam", head of the wolf pack of Twilight?

All we were going to audition for the wolf pack were cited on the same day. We get all super well, chemistry was immediate. Couple of days later I was told that I had chosen for the role of "Sam."

What did the "Sam" when you went to audition?

In fact he knew nothing of the character, because he had not read the books by Stephenie Meyer. But then I did my research.

How did you prepare physically for the role?

Training in the gym two and sometimes three times a day. Special diet. No sugar, and protein shakes.

Did you expect the impact it had Twilight in all types of audiences?

I knew I was going to have some impact but not a magnitude as it has had. I knew I would succeed, but when they told us the box office numbers of New Moon, for example, was surprised.

How would you describe the experience of being part of this phenomenon of cinema?

This has been the most elaborate project I could work. Actually I have no words to describe it. There is a difference between this and what he had done previously, because this is something international.

How have you dealt with the cast, the actors of the saga?

Everyone in the cast are very humble, at least those who have worked with me. We get on very well but do not hang out much. Well, I jangueo more with the wolf pack because I am part of it. (Laughs). I see enough in September to Kristen (Stewart) and Taylor (Lautner), because I work with them many scenes. But Rob (Pattinson) only see him during dinner.

"You get to share more with Robert Pattinson in Eclipse?

Yes, because we will have several scenes together. Actually the cast of Twilight is so great that you do not get to see them all, every day, but it's really a unique experience. They are good people, professional people.

Is there animosity between vampires and wolves away from the cameras as it is against them?

No, there is no tension between vampires and wolves. On the contrary, much bother, had a great time.

What are your plans after filming Breaking Dawn, the last part of Twilight?

I want to have a solid career in acting. Before Breaking Down, I'll shoot, starting next week, and then Shouting Secrets Blood in the Winter.

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